CRDC Global, supported by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance), recently announced the opening of a new factory capable of converting difficult-to-recycle plastic waste into an innovative new type of concrete additive called RESIN8™.

The second facility of its kind in the world and the first to open in the United States, the York site uses a proven and proprietary process which is capable of transforming plastic waste into their patented RESIN8 at the rate of approximately one ton of plastic per hour.

Marc Forman, President of Georgia-Pacific Recycling, a partner of CRDC Global, remarked: “We are glad to see innovative solutions like RESIN8 move forward to help improve reuse of plastic waste and are happy to play a supporting role. At Georgia-Pacific, we actively engage in continuous improvement and exploration of innovative solutions that benefit society as part of our business strategy and success measures. Our partnership with CRDC Global to provide logistical support and plastic feedstock for their operations is a great example of how we do that.”

CRDC’s innovative approach allows them to accept any type of plastic waste (resins 1-7) as raw material. Designed by and for the construction industry, their RESIN8 material has been thoroughly tested and has been shown to increase the integrity of concrete and asphalt. The material, therefore, has the potential to create a commercial solution for unwanted plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

The Alliance, a global non-profit organization with the mission to end plastic waste in the environment, has supported the scaling up of CRDC Global’s operations in the U.S. and Costa Rica since 2021. Steve Sikra, Vice President and Head of the Americas at the Alliance, stated,  “The Alliance believes that plastic waste is a resource with value that can be unlocked with the right technologies and solutions. RESIN8™ is one such example with the potential to be replicated globally… From the time we began working with CRDC Global, they have made tremendous strides in improving their process and perfecting their new technology. We are proud to be journeying with them to scale up their technology around the world.”

This material has already been used by Habitat for Humanity to build housing in Costa Rica. Habitat for Humanity International’s Center for Innovation in Shelter partnered with DOW Chemical, FUPROVI, EcoBlock, Pedregal, and Ecoins, to work on the social housing project of Valle Azul. The project benefited 102 families with quality and environmentally sustainable housing.

RESIN8 is suitable for various applications including concrete blocks and pavers, pre-cast concrete, mortars, ready-mix concrete, and hot-mix asphalt. The resultant material is up to 15% lighter or stronger with up to 20% better insulation properties than traditional concrete.

The benefits of RESIN8 in concrete were further highlighted by Donald Thomson, CEO of CRDC Global, stating, “The greatest appeal of RESIN8 lies in its ability to provide both an environmental benefit and commercial benefit. So, while we’re helping to clean up plastic waste, we’re also providing a product that stands on its own in terms of its performance and commercial viability. RESIN8 has a positive impact on both the plastics and the construction industries as a functional example of zero waste. We spent years on research and development to ensure we have a process that can be rapidly scaled.”

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