Today’s Innovative Toys

Toys give kids a chance to play out their wildest fantasy, explore new skills, and learn valuable motor skills. A teddy bear can become a beloved companion and close confidant. A few Legos are arranged into a towering fortress. It seems that simplicity is key when it comes to toys, but not always. Some of […]

LEGO Artists

A large LEGO dragon

LEGO is already one of the best toys for creative kids, and it takes a special level of ingenuity to turn them into art. But that’s exactly what several artists have done over the years. The most famous of these is Nathan Sawaya, whose book and exhibit “Art of the Brick” have won him worldwide […]

Ten Ways Nature Inspired Us

Nature is many things- pure, omnipresent, universal. But it’s also incredibly inspiring. Everyone from scientists to athletes finds inspiration from the great outdoors and the beauty of the world. Here are ten ways nature has inspired people. 10: THE LOTUS TEMPLE Located in New Delhi, this temple is inspired by the lotus, the national flower […]

Building Barbie

While the childhood paradise of Toys R Us may be going out of business, the toy industry in general is doing just fine. LEGOs remain the most popular form of building block on the market, action figures for franchises like Star Wars and Marvel are raking in cash, and there’s still an aisle dedicated to […]