Whether you want to experience classic games given a new life, the latest in competitive gaming advancements, or simply build your own island paradise from the ground up, the Nintendo Switch is the gaming console for just about anyone. Although it’s virtually (no pun intended) impossible to get your hands on one right now, the Switch is a truly fine piece of craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Nintendo Switch

The most unique aspect of the Nintendo Switch is its design adaptability, being able to switch (no pun intended) from a handheld device, to a two-player portable tablet mode, to a TV mode. According to Tribe Mind, it is suggested that the Switch utilizes a Tegra X1 reference design from NVIDIA. Utilizing a more industry-standard design like Tegra X1, unlike past Nintendo designs, has caused more developers to port their games to the switch.

This part of the design can produce serious heat, which is why the Switch has a built-in cooling system that uses a thin heat pipe or a squashed copper pipe filled with coolant. The pipe also contains a radiator and fan at the end which includes a vibration damper rubber mount.

Nintendo switch being played

As the main connector, the Switch uses a new USB Type-C connector which is held down at multiple points on the PCB. A cover for this piece is spot-welded on and screwed down to allow for maximum hold.

Nintendo has attempted to prevent faulty chip manufacturing by including pictograms of chip orientations directly into the interior board of the device. In addition, the device funnels the light produced from an LED to the external location with no ‘light bleed’ involved, which can be an incredibly difficult design task.

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