ZenRobotics is on its fourth generation of waste-sorting robots. They are introducing ZenRobotics 4.0. One major component that makes this generation of robots different is the enhanced artificial intelligence. ZenRobotics believes it will revolutionize waste-sorting across the globe.

Advanced Recycling

One of the main purposes of Zenrobotics 4.0 is recycling. Since 2007, the company has gone all in on automated waste sorting. Using AI, ZenRobotics aims to replace the manual sorting methods with more efficient and advanced robotics. General Manager Jarmo Ruohonen says the company aims to find state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to the waste sorting process.

While the company has been using AI-based sorting technology since 2007, they explain that the latest version is more than “just an upgrade.” ZenRobotics says the 4.0 model represents “efficiency perfected.” Moreso, they emphasize the substantial improvements over previous recycling robots.

Heavy Picker 4.0

Heavy Picker 4.0
Heavy Picker 4.0 sorting through bulky waste; Photo: ZenRobotics

The Heavy Picker 4.0 is exactly what it sounds like. It’s designed to sort bulky materials and introduces significant advancements. There’s a new recognition system properly named ZenBrain that enhances its precision when picking through the waste. According to ZenRobotics, this system boosts efficiency by 60-100 percent compared to their previous systems. Additionally, the upgraded AI technology allows the robot to identify over 500 different categories of waste.

Thanks to enhanced motion controls and AI algorithms, the Heavy Picker 4.0 prioritizes the most valuable resources for customers. Redesigning the recognition system eliminates the need for a singular recognition system at the start of the sorting process. Each robot has its own Recognition System (ZenBrain) that increases efficiency.


Fast Picker 4.0

Fast Picker 4.0
Close-up of the Fast Picker 4.0 waste sorter; Photo: ZenRobotics

The Fast Picker 4.0 is known for its high-speed picking abilities but it does so with greater efficiency. Once again, the name is exactly what it is. The Fast Picker 4.0 has a rate of 80 picks per minute which is twice the average rate of a human sorter. Unlike the Heavy Picker, the Fast Picker specializes in lightweight waste.

Like the Heavy Picker, the Fast Picker runs on upgraded AI software that ensures higher rates of purity, accuracy, and recovery. For commercial businesses, the Fast Picker 4.0 comes with customizable features. The customizable options make it adaptable to different widths to meet the customer’s needs. This provides seamless installation into different packing stations.

Revolutionizing waste management

ZenRobotics emphasizes the new heights in efficiency, safety, and customization with the new 4.0 models. The company wants to set a new standard for the waste management industry. By implementing advanced artificial intelligence and innovation, recycling can become more efficient than ever. Not only that, but ZenRobotics wants to drive positive change on a global scale.