A new pair of smart glasses gives you a look into the future. Brilliant Labs introduced “Frame” which is a pair of eyeglasses that uses artificial intelligence to give the glasses AI superpowers. Granted, they are not actual superpowers but it’s pretty close. Frame can translate languages, identify images, and search the internet.

AI Powers

Through a partnership with industry leaders like OpenAI, Whisper, and Perplexity Brilliant Labs has access to the latest technology. Using augmented reality and AI, Frame integrates their capabilities into everyday life. Brilliant Labs’ smart glasses also come with a special AI assistant called NOA. This allows the glasses to use large language models to find the best answer to any questions from the user.

Brilliant Labs' Frame
Brilliant Labs’ smart glasses, Frame, uses AI and augmented reality; Photo: Brilliant Labs

With augmented reality, Frame displays video and information right in front of the wearer’s eyes. Using OpenAI’s GPT model, the glasses can do a visual analysis of the user’s environment. The company calls this the “AI superpower.” Additionally, the Frame can translate languages. It uses “Whisper” to translate someone speaking in a different language. This “superpower” can recognize the speech and transcribe it.

Brilliant Labs' smart glasses
Brilliant Labs’ smart glasses, Frame, in black; Photo: Brilliant Labs

With a glance through these glasses, you can get information about the environment around you. If you want to know more information about a historic building you saw on your walk or understand someone speaking a language you don’t know, the Frame gives you that opportunity. It’s an interesting concept because someone wearing the glasses has access to endless information right in front of their eyes.


High Definition

The Frame comes with advanced camera displays. A micro OLED display is equipped for the glasses to display sharp and vibrant visuals onto the lens of the glasses. Frame’s display offers a resolution of 640 x 400 pixels. Additionally, they’re equipped with an HD camera with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The camera enables detailed visual recognition and augmented reality applications.

The Frame comes in black, gray, and a transparent frame. You can preorder the smart glasses for $349 or you can get a prescription pair for $448. They plan to ship the products in April.