If you’re someone with a green thumb, a new year means a chance to add new plant babies to your house. You’ve started to make space for a few plants to come home with you, but you want to choose those plants carefully because, quite frankly, you’re running out of room. Well if you’re looking to add some 2022 trending houseplants to your space, we’ve got you covered.

1) Ficus Audrey

In an Architectural Digest interview with Maryah Greene, plant stylist and creator of Greene Piece, she predicted, “Larger houseplants are going to be the statement pieces of next year… As more people start returning to the office, they’re going to become inspired by the larger plants they see thriving in those bigger office spaces.” Despite the difficulties associated with caring for larger plants, there are many easily accessible resources and experts available for all of the plant parents out there.

One such plant that will likely gain popularity this year is the ficus audrey (ficus benghalensis). This is a tree-like houseplant that can grow up to 50 feet outdoors, but indoors typically grow around 5-10 feet. The ficus audrey thrives in bright indirect sunlight, so place it in front of an east-facing window or a few feet away from a west or south-facing window. It also prefers to dry out a bit, so go easy with the watering.

2) Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Interior plant and landscape designer Jarema Osofsky stated in regard to 2022 plant trends, “I definitely think that flowering plants will be trending in 2022 as well as plants that climb like rhaphidophora tetrasperma, which really takes on a sculptural quality as it climbs.” The rhaphidophora tetrasperma has the split leaves of a Monstera deliciosa, but it’s more compact so this houseplant works much better in small apartments.

If you decide to hop on the trend and get one of these bright green beauties, make sure to place it in a bright corner of your home as it does best in bright filtered sunlight. Although the rhaphidophora tetrasperma is sensitive to overwatering, regular waterings are recommended if you want yours to grow to its full potential.

3) Hoya

Hoya Flower Bloom Indoors Houseplant

Ida Nora and Elin Harryson, plant experts at Planta (an app for plant care), stated in an interview with The Spruce that they’ve noticed an influx of Hoya user accounts and wishlist entries. These gorgeous hanging houseplants can also do well on a high shelf and come in an array of shapes and sizes. They do best in indirect sunlight so place them near an east-facing window where they can get some morning sun. Let their soil dry out between waterings and you may get to see some beautiful blooms from them as well.

4) Phyllanthus Mirabilis

Phyllanthus Mirabilis Indoor Plants 2022

The phyllanthus mirabilis is a caudex plant with a surface-mounted bulb. It’s also a plant with some personality, which is going to be very popular in 2022. Its leaves open up during the day and then completely fold back at night, giving it the appearance of going to sleep. Botanists don’t know the exact reason for this, but it could have to do with reducing water loss. This would make sense as the phyllanthus mirabilis is very good at holding water and these plant owners should be very careful about overwatering. It also does well in indirect bright light and with a moderate amount of humidity.

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