Chinese motorcycle maker, FELO, is officially putting the folding electric scooter on the international market. The company unveiled the E-scooter at the  2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. FELO’s M One is on the market for $1,600. It’s marketed as a way of transportation for people in a city environment but it also has powering capabilities.

M One

FELO’s electric scooter is foldable and can power devices; Photo: FELO/X

The M One is inspired by a revolutionary small motorcycle introduced by Honda in 1981 called the Honda Motocompo. Like the M One, the Motocompo was designed for urban transportation. The bike’s design allowed it to fit into the trunk of a car. Because of its design and practicality, the Motocompo has a devoted following and a place in history for innovative urban transportation.

The M One takes an electric approach to the original, innovative motorcycle. FELO’s M One runs on a 400-watt motor that draws power from a Lithium-ion battery pack. This batter gives the folding scooter about 62 miles on one charge.

Features and Foldability

The M One has a wide range of features, like its semi-balloon tires. Its tires make for a comfortable ride on any surface like roads, off-road terrain, and footpaths. In addition, the vehicle is lightweight at about 82 pounds. However, it is not the fastest scooter topping out at 15 mph on the market. But, the biggest feature is its foldability.

M One
M One electric scooter folded; Photo: FELO/X

FELO’s main goal with its foldability is increasing a person’s range without using a car. For example, a person can drive their car from the suburbs and park it somewhere outside of the city. Then, take the M One electric scooter out of the trunk and finish the commute into the city. This allows someone to venture into an urban setting without sitting in congested traffic inside their car.

Powering Devices

Aside from the folding capabilities, the M One can double as a mobile power bank. Because of its battery pack, it can power the fully electric scooter and charge mobile devices when you’re away from an outlet or off-grid. Additionally, the scooter can power household appliances. The vehicle could be invaluable to city dwellers, specifically people living in apartments, because of its powering capability, foldability, and compact size.

As the vehicle goes international, New Atlas points out the number of people living in apartments around the world is only growing.