From the viewing experience to the highlights on the field, the Super Bowl being in Las Vegas will allow technology to score big.

Enhancing the Broadcast

When you watch the game on your TV at home, in a bar, or wherever the party is, it may be tough to realize the amount of production that goes into the broadcast. We’re talking about a significant amount of cameras to make sure you see all the action. For Super Bowl 58, CBS Sports will operate 165 cameras during the broadcast. Cameras will be placed in and around Allegiant Stadium and at the Fountains of Bellagio where the network’s set is.

Forty-eight of the cameras come with “super slow motion” capabilities. 24 cameras have 4k zoom extraction cameras. According to CBS Sports, these cameras give different angles inside the stadium including from the “ceiling, along the goal lines and embedded inside the end zone pylons.” Enhanced 4K zoom has better resolution to give a better look at replays and give refs a closer look at reviewed plays. CBS is also implementing 23 “augmented reality” cameras. 11 are for the CBS broadcast, eight during the Nickelodeon alternative broadcast, and four for the network’s set.


Viewer Experience

For viewers at home, there are top-of-the-line TVs like the QLED and OLED. Consumers are snagging the best flat-screen TVs all across the country. But, Samsung is going all out for Allegiant Stadium. The Korean electronic company is equipping the stadium with 66,000 feet of LED displays. That’s over 93 million pixels. For the big game, three new video boards were installed, score clocks and ribbon boards. Vegas is always bumping. This weekend will bring in thousands more than a typical weekend. So, outside of the stadium is the real showstopper. Samsung installed a 27,600-square-foot outdoor LED mesh display. They say it’s the biggest outdoor stadium marquee display in pro football.

Beyond the Game

Everyone is familiar with Snapchat filters. They’re fun and sometimes interactive. Of course, for the big game, the social media platform would have a role in the game. For the first time, Snapchat is bringing the filters inside the host stadium. Using Snapchat’s Camera Kit technology, fans at the game will be shown on the in-stadium video boards with fun filters. The NFL says they’ll put entertaining and engaging lenses on the fans. Lenses include Vegas-themed Super Bowl helmets for each team. Outside of the stadium, users can get in on the fun too. On the NFL app, users can access lenses including an interactive Super Bowl trivia game.