The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show is underway. It’s a tech show, car show, and home show all in one. It showcases new technology for consumers. Samsung is stealing the headlines on day one of CES 2024 with stunning, futuristic gadgets. Here is a look at what the electronics company revealed so far.

Transparent TV

Samsung’s Transparent microLED TV unveiled at CES 2024; Photo: Engadget

Samsung’s new transparent microLED TV is catching the eye of consumers. The new TV is revolutionizing how we think of a television set. It’s complete with a clear, glass-like display. While a video or images are on the screen, you can see past the TV offering a new viewing experience. It is still a prototype but it gives us a glimpse into what the future looks like when we think of television. The transparent microLED TV is the talk of CES 2024 after being unveiled a day before the electronic show started.

OLED Galaxy Buds Case

Samsung’s Galaxy Earbud OLED case; Photo: CNET

Samsung is getting everyone excited for the future. Another concept revealed at CES 2024 is the Galaxy earbud case with an OLED display on the front. On top of the prototype earbud case is a circular OLED display with a screen telling you the battery life of your case and earbuds or audio modes. In addition to the display, it allows the user to change settings on the OLED case rather than doing it on the earbuds app. It’s another concept and prototype but another piece of futuristic technology to keep an eye on.

Dual Folding Flip Phone

Samsung Flex In & Out Flip Phone; Photo: CNET

It’s different than the Galaxy Z flip phone. The Flex In & Out flip phone is a concept Samsung unveiled at CES 2024. Although it is similar to the Galaxy Z phone’s capability of folding in, it’s different because it also folds backward. This prototype gives the user a screen to use whether the phone is opened or closed.  Samsung’s efforts with the Flex In & Out Flip phone are part of finding a way to make devices flip, flex, and roll in different ways. Whether or not the product will ever be available to consumers, it’s an interesting look at how flip phones can make a return.