The Audi AI:Trail is the fourth installment in Audi’s recently released series of concept cars with electric drive systems. The other vehicles in the series are the Aicon, the AI:ME, and the AI:RACE. This is part of a research initiative for Audi to explore the future of transport which could range from self-driving cars to even flying vehicles. It also goes along with the company’s electrification plan which promises that, by 2025, every third car that they make will be sustainably powered.

Tomorrow's World Today Audi AI:TRAIL
Photo Credit: Audi

Not only is the vehicle electrically powered with the battery unit integrated into the floor, but it is designed specifically for off-roading experiences. It’s lightweight (3,858.09 lbs) with maximum body stiffness, made with a mixture of high-tech steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The car’s tires are made with supporting struts and sensor-controlled air pressure regulation, which are designed to detect the condition to the road and adjust the air pressure accordingly.

The aesthetic and open nature of the interior design also further increases its off-roading appeal. Similar to a helicopter, the design is made for 360-degree visibility with large, open windows and a rooftop to allow one to take in all of the sights during their off-road excursion.

Tomorrow's World Today Audi AI:TRAIL 3
Photo Credit: Audi

In addition, instead of the traditional high beams and low beams, the AI:TRAIL is equipped with five rotorless and electrically-operated drones with integrated matrix LED elements. Their lightweight design allows them to fly ahead of the AI:TRAIL and illuminate the trail ahead, consuming much less energy than traditional headlights in the process. They can either fly two at a time or up to five at a time and occupants are able to customize their desired scenario using their smartphones.