From AI art to digital dresses, get creative with our staff picks for the top 5 creation stories in 2023.

1) Winner of the World’s First AI Art Award Announced

Swedish photographer Annika Nordenskiöld’s winning image Twin Sisters in Love; Photo: ANNIKA NORDENSKIÖLD:BALLARAT INTERNATIONAL FOTO BIENNALE
Swedish photographer Annika Nordenskiöld’s winning image Twin Sisters in Love; Photo: ANNIKA NORDENSKIÖLD/BALLARAT INTERNATIONAL FOTO BIENNALE

Earlier this year, a Swedish artist was crowned the winner of the inaugural AI Art Awards for her image titled ‘Twin Sisters in Love’. After more than 100 submissions were entered, the winning image was selected featuring an old-fashioned black-and-white portrait of two sisters tenderly cuddling with an octopus. Blending surrealism and classic documentary-style photography, the image is also rendered in sepia tones and is set against an out-of-focus background.

2) Futuristic Digital Dress Can Transform Designs in Seconds

Adobe debuts dress with interactive digital display; Photo: ADOBE:YOUTUBE
Adobe debuts dress with interactive digital display; Photo: ADOBE/YOUTUBE

Adobe researchers debuted a new dress with an interactive digital display that allows it to change patterns within seconds. Research scientist Christine Dierk and her team originally published a research paper on the potential of their reflective light-diffuser modules for non-emissive flexible display systems in 2022. The interactive dress was officially presented this year at Adobe MAX 2023 in Los Angeles during the “Sneaks” portion of the conference.

3) Did Paul McCartney Use AI To Create a Final Beatles Song?

Paul McCartney Photograph: Matt Cardy:Getty Images
Paul McCartney; Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Sir Paul McCartney stated that he used AI technology to ‘extricate’ John Lennon’s voice from an old demo and complete a decades-old song. Though McCartney has not yet announced the name of the song, it is speculated to be a 1978 Lennon composition titled ‘Now and Then’. The demo was one among a series of songs that Lennon made shortly before his death in 1980 titled “For Paul”.

4) Exploring the Ethical Implications of AI-Powered Art

Implications of AI Art

Generative AI art, where artificial intelligence crafts visually arresting pieces, is gaining momentum and spreading throughout many industries. But as awe-inspiring as these creations are, they bring forth profound ethical questions and implications surrounding originality, attribution, and the essence of creativity. Here we explore these questions such as who is the real creator, attribution vs. authorship, and more.

5) What is the Future of Glassblowing?

While filming in Pittsburgh, PA, the Tomorrow’s World Today crew visited Pittsburgh Glass Center and spoke with glassblowing artists from the Netflix series Blown Away. The team spoke with the artists’ regarding what they think of the future of glassblowing, from the influence of social media to community outreach.