Behind the big splashes from tech and electronic companies at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show are Vuzix and their new smart glasses. The new Vuzix Z100 smart glasses are on display at CES 2024 and connect workers to AI.

Vuzix Z100

Vuzix Z100 smart glasses use AI technology; Photo: Vuzix

Behind the sleek and modern work glasses from Vuzix is software connecting a worker to artificial intelligence. They are safety glasses certified and made to be worn all day. Right now, the glasses are only offered as a developers’ edition but they represent a new look for safety glasses. The work glasses seamlessly connect the user to AI optimization tools.

What they do

The smart glasses connect industry workers with AI tools to help in the workforce. While wearing the glasses, workers can get real-time updates and notifications. With AI, the glasses give work process applications, workflow, and task confirmations. Vuzix Z100 glasses increase the data feed from finger scanners, sensors, controllers, and other equipment. With smart glasses, workers can also get language translations, and health and workout statuses.

Glasses display the information right in front of your eyes. Vuzix uses a custom microdisplay engine combined with monocular waveguide optics. This provides a display with a crisp image that shows real-time information.

Paul Travers is a President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix and says, “The Z100 takes enterprise use of AR smart glasses to the next level, providing workers with a hands-free wearable that is indistinguishable from a pair of standard glasses.”

Beyond Work

Vuzix Ultralite S smart glasses win CES 2024 Innovation Award; Photo: Vuzix

Vuzix is going beyond the workforce at CES 2024. Smart glasses meant for sport and fitness are being showcased at CES after receiving an innovation award. The Vuzix Ultralite S AR smart glasses use the same technology as the Z100 but are for people who are into sports and fitness. Because of the technology used in the glasses, they connect with a user’s smartphone or smartwatch. Messages, health, and fitness updates appear right before a user’s eyes.

Thanks to Vuzix Incognito technology, the glasses virtually eliminate the eye-glow or forward light. While still being aware of your surroundings, you’ll still be able to see AI responses because of their heads-up display.