By combining artificial intelligence and language science, Timekettle’s simultaneous interpretation earbuds are working to break language barriers. 

Timekettle's translator earbuds
Photo Credit: Timekettle

Why Timekettle?

Most handheld translators and apps only focus on the translation itself, neglecting the user experience. Enter Timekettle’s WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds. The cutting-edge translator device is focused on making the conversation feel as natural as possible, without a time delay or anxiety. If both parties are wearing the earbuds, your words can be instantly transformed and delivered into the listener’s ear in just 0.5 seconds. 

The portable device is completely hands-free and supports online translation for 40 languages and 93 accents, covering 85 percent of the world’s population. To effectively isolate the user’s voice and filter out background noise like traffic, WT2 Edge utilizes advanced dual beamforming microphones and directional voice recognition technology. This ensures that the user’s words are captured with crystal clear clarity and translated with utmost precision and accuracy. 

The earbuds provide three hours of interpretation without charging and up to 12 hours with the portable charger, so users can enjoy uninterrupted interruption all day.

Timekettle's translation earbuds
Photo Credit: Timekettle

Modes of the WT2 Edge

WT2 Edge has four different modes to cater to all translation needs and scenarios. Simul Mode enables you to have seamless, real-time conversations as if the two people are speaking the same language. All it takes is sharing the earbuds and users can immerse themselves naturally. 

Next, Touch Mode is ideal for turn-taking scenarios and noisy environments. In this mode, users tap their earbuds to start communicating; their words are instantly translated and relayed to their partner’s earbuds. 

Speaker Mode allows for the user’s voice to be recognized, simultaneously interpreted, and then broadcasted through the speaker of a phone. This is perfect for speaking to a larger group, such as a business meeting or presentation. 

Lastly, Listen Mode allows for the interpretation of speech to be picked up by a smartphone’s microphone. The interpreted speech is then played through the earbuds, keeping the user connected and engaged with the people around them. This mode is applicable for public spaces, or if the user speaks a different language than the crowd around them. 

Use Cases

There are many scenarios where the WT2 translator earbuds have already been beneficial. For example, Eric, a medical doctor, faces language barriers with 90% of his Spanish-speaking patients. Since discovering the WT2 translator earbuds, however, Eric has been able to communicate directly with his patients while operating medical equipment with free hands. He uses Simul Mode to create a safe and private communication environment that allows for efficient communication with his patients.

A student wearing the Timekettle translator earbuds
A student wearing the Timekettle translator earbuds; Photo Credit: Pinebush Schools

At Circleville Middle School in New York, Timekettle’s translator device has been integral to improve the language learning experience for non-native English speakers. By wearing one Translator earbud each, the teacher and student can communicate in their respective languages, with the content displayed on the student’s Chromebook for easy reference. Teachers can also send screenshots of the transcribed text to parents for home tutoring and closer school-family ties. As  secondary ENL leader Ms. Curtin explained, “The goal is to see a lot of growth and for our students to achieve success. This is going to be a game changer.”

The earbuds have even been used for love! John, a retiree from the USA, married his Chinese wife despite the language barrier. Communication is essential to them, but using Google Translate on mobile devices was a hassle. His wife discovered Timekettle’s WT2 Edge translator earbuds, and they have since become a necessity in their daily lives, making communication effortless. 

From multilingual classrooms to business meetings to bus rides, the Timekettle translator earbuds are the best solution for breaking down language barriers. The translator device is available now on Timekettle’s website.