Some of the biggest car companies in the world are unveiling new concepts in vehicles. From Honda to Hyundai and Mercedes Benz, all new electric vehicle (EV) concepts, AI technology, and air taxis are showcased at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show.

CES is a home show, a tech show, and even a car show. Honda is showing off a new series of EVs with two new concept models.

Honda Saloon

The Honda 0 Series is the latest line of electric vehicles from the Japanese car manufacturer. Two new car concepts are the models for this line of vehicles.

Honda Saloon revealed at CES; Photo: Honda

The Honda Saloon is a sleek design and one of the newest models of the Honda 0 Series that looks like it’s from the future. Honda’s Saloon concept prioritizes lightweight construction through new engineering. Because of its low and wide build, the Saloon offers a spacious interior with very good outward visibility.

Honda Saloon interior; Photo: Honda

The technology in the Saloon is inspired by Formula 1 racecars which influenced its aerodynamic features. Honda describes the EV’s steering as “posture control.” It also introduces a new steer-by-wire system and something Honda calls “motion-control management.” The EV’s battery life is expected to only degrade from 100 to 90 percent over 10 years. They also say the fast charging is excellent. A 15 to 80 percent charge is estimated to take only 15 minutes.

The Saloon is aiming to hit the streets in North America in 2026.

Honda Space-Hub

Honda’s Space-Hub EV concept; Photo: Honda

Another concept for the 0 Series is the Space-Hub. Unlike the Saloon, the Space Hub does not have a sleek design. Rather a more spacious concept.

Inside the Space-Hub EV; Photo: Honda

The Space-Hub’s design allows for passengers to look up at the stars at night because of its expansive glass roof. Honda wants to connect drivers with the outside when out on the road. Seating for passengers allows for them to face each other. Unlike the Saloon, there is no production date for the Space-Hub.

Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi

Hyundai’s S-A2 air-taxi; Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai wants to take their cars to the sky. They are showcasing their new S-A2 air-taxi at CES 2024. S-A2 is building on the original concept, S-A1 from CES 2020. The new electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle concept fits four passengers and a pilot. Hyundai’s new concept wants to get people in urban areas from one destination to the next, faster. It reaches speeds up to 120 mph at a 1,500-mile altitude.

Hyundai says the S-A2 is designed for sustainability, safety, and comfort for the passengers. If all goes well, Hyundai Motor Group’s Advanced Air Mobility Group, Supernal, hopes to be in the sky by 2028.

Mercedes-Benz Virtual Assistant

Mercedes-Benz infotainment center powered by AI virtual assistant; Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Using the power of artificial intelligence, Mercedes Benz brings an all-new system to their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is upgrading the MBUX “infotainment” center with a new software called MB.OS. With the power of generative AI, the new software showcased at CES is more responsive with more processing power. With AI, Mercedes-Benz is introducing the MBUX Virtual Assistant.

Furthermore, the current voice assistant, Hey Mercedes, in Mercedes-Benz vehicles is limited in responses. For example, if the driver says “I’m hungry” Hey Mercedes responds with a list of nearby restaurants. The new MBUX Virtual Assistant summarizes the restaurant’s menu and reads reviews to help the driver decide. The first application of the new functions will appear in the Mercedes-Benz concept CLA class, due sometime this year.