A brewery in the United Kingdom is revolutionizing the way beer is crafted. Nethergate Brewery and Distillery is crafting a brew with artificial intelligence. It’s not an ingredient in the beer but how the recipe was constructed. Nethergate introduces “AiPA” or the Artificial Intelligence IPA.

Inside Nethergate Brewery and Distillery in Suffolk; Photo: Nethergate Brewery and Distillery


In the heart of Suffolk, England the AIPA is discovered through creativity and curiosity from the head brewer Ian Carson. When Carson and the team of brewers discuss the beer-making process, AI helps with insight but lacks the wisdom from experienced brewers. Because of that, AiPA is a collaboration with the team and AI. It’s not a beer brewed with only AI’s touch.

Where the beer is brewed at Nethergate Brewery and Distillery; Photo: Nethergate Brewery and Distillery

The recipe for the beer is a culmination of creative ideas from the brewers and suggestions from the data-driven AI. When they put the two together, a recipe forms. On the Nethergate website, they describe the beer as a seasonable pale ale. A golden hue shines through the glass and it has citrus and floral notes. The citrus and floral notes come from the bundle of hops used in the beer. It’s a blend of Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops.

Poster for Nethergate Brewery’s AiPA; Photo: Nethergate Brewery and Distillery

Nethergate Brewery believes the innovation is a step forward in how beer is made. Because of how AiPA is created, the conception is revolutionary in the beer world. AiPA is the first of its kind in the U.K. Rightfully so, not many breweries are creating new beers with the help of AI. Carson says, “As someone deeply rooted in traditional brewing, the thought of bringing AI into the mix felt like uncharted territory.” That feeling didn’t last long. “However, this pale ale we’ve created is nothing short of spectacular and a beer that I’m super proud of and very excited about,” says Carson.

Beyond AiPA

Carson and the team at Nethergate Brewery don’t stop using AI with the beer. Advertising and equipment are also created using artificial intelligence. Once the recipe took shape, they created the pump clip for AiPA with AI. To promote the beer, they used AI to create a social media post about it. They even used its help to craft a press release for the brew.

The company says, “AiPA is not just a beer; it’s a celebration of innovation in every sip.”