NFTs may only exist in the digital space, but these NFT projects are creating real change. Here are some NFT projects that are working to restore and protect our ocean’s coral reefs.

SuperCoco NFT

SuperCoco NFT is on track to be the first NFT Environmental Art Project to create a new coral reef park. The project’s goal is to provide awareness and encourage eco-ethical behavior to protect the ocean’s natural resources. The project contains 3 NFT collections, which will become large-scale underwater artworks created to promote coral conservation.

Analia Bordenave, author and director of the SC-NFT environmental project and founder of ART FOR EVOLUTION, stated, “Our unique project will have a huge impact on the environment and our oceans and be different from any other NFT project that came before us… We will be using Solana, a carbon-neutral blockchain. SUPERCOCO-NFT’s real-world impact will be a legacy for future generations, leaving a BLUE MARK in the Ocean with powerful NFTs that will drive societal change—taking NFTs to the next level by adding a new utility involving collectors to protect the oceans with NFTs.”

The first installment, titled The Blue Mark Labyrinth, consists of 200 coral tree frames, shaped like a giant fingerprint. The corals will be grown for 9-12 months before they are transferred to The Blue Mark Park. The next step is The Blue Mark Park Reef, a 1-acre man-made reef that will hold 20,000 corals that will be sold in the form of NFTs. The project will be launched during the second quarter of 2022.

Crypto Coral Tribe

This NFT project is directing 50% of its revenue to wildlife and marine conservation initiatives. The first pledge for the Crypto Coral Tribe project is to plant 3,000 orals across 3 continents. The collection is composed of 9,000 unique avatars and each NFT piece depicts unique coral creatures infused with both cyberpunk and indigenous art styles.

The goal behind using the indigenous art style is to revive the ideals of tribal societies which emphasize the importance of living in balance or close communion with our various ecosystems. The cyberpunk aesthetic is incorporated to represent punk culture and the idea of challenging societal structures and embracing technology.

The CCT has set a goal to plant 3,000 corals worldwide through its network of marine conservation partners. CCT holders are not only entitled to their own unique piece of art, but also a myriad of other benefits attached to the project which includes deciding which conservation efforts the community impact fund is directed towards. The ultimate goal of this project is to leverage art and technology to help restore nature and the natural world at large.

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