Did you know that over 10 billion GIFs are sent every day? LYRITEXT, released in the Apple App Store on July 5, combines GIFs with your favorite music, allowing you to add fully-licensed songs to your GIFs when you are texting. This music messaging app is the first and only of its kind.

Using LYRITEXT is simple. After downloading it from Apple’s App Store, you just need to pick your musical message, search for your Giphy, preview it, and then share. The SongClips are 10 seconds or less, and new music is added daily as additional licensed songs become available. You can also add a LYRITEXT to photos or send a music-only message.

Because music isn’t free and the artists and rights holders who create and own the music expect to be paid for its use, LYRITEXT uses a paid subscription model. The music messaging app is $2.99/month and can be canceled at any time. LYRITEXT does not sell advertising or collect any personal information. To give the app a try, LYRITEXT offers a free seven-day trial.

The app makes texting more engaging, personal, and fun. As Adam Gardner, the co-creator of LYRITEXT (with his daughter Addie), described to us at Tomorrow’s World Today:

“We love music and wanted to be able to share our favorite lyrics (as sung by the original artists) via text conversations. The ability to now add these LYRITEXTs to a GIPHY or photo makes communication so much more fun, and the possibilities are truly endless.”

The app is available today for iPhone and iPad HERE.