If you’re someone who perpetually lacks a green thumb, the dream of growing your own food out of an adorable backyard garden may seem out of your reach. Well, a recent invention called Seedsheets may just prove you wrong (in the most delicious way possible).

A Seedsheet is is a sheet of weed-blocking fabric that contains evenly spaced pouches of seeds. The sheets are designed to sit on top of dirt (so they don’t require planting) and to slowly dissolve over time when watered. They only require a few weeks of consistent daily watering before your selected variety of flower or edible plants will blossom.

Seedsheet founder and CEO Cameron “Cam” MacKugler began his inventor journey when he graduated from Middlebury College’s Architecture Program in 2009. He began working for a design-build firm where he achieved his Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional Accreditation. This led to new opportunities in projects such as designing growing roofs, living vegetated walls, and rainwater catchment systems.

Regarding the moment of inspiration that led to his invention, Mackugler stated to Smithsonian Magazine, “One summer, I was asked to house-sit for a coworker, and because it was Vermont, his ‘house’ was actually a fully functioning 80-acre dairy farm, complete with cows, chickens, guinea fowl, and an expansive garden. I was paid with the garden’s bounty and enjoyed farm-fresh meals sourced just feet away from the front door. One evening while harvesting dinner, I noticed how meticulously designed the garden was, how every plant was appropriately spaced, flanked by helpful companion plants, and in my head, I saw a blueprint. I dropped the kale that was bunched in my folded t-shirt, sprinted inside the farmhouse, and using my co-worker’s kids’ crayons, I sketched out the first drawing of the Seedsheet.”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and their Shark Tank appearance in 2017, the Seedsheets business has taken off. The patented Seedsheet product comes in a variety of either floral or edible plant kits which you can get HERE.

For example, the Caprese Seedsheet helps you easily grow sweet basil and glacier tomatoes which you could then easily add to a Caprese salad you’re making at home. There is also a kit available for growing cocktail garnishes, herbs, taco greens, pizza toppings, and more. Aspiring gardeners can also customize their own selection of edible plants from options such as radishes, arugula, and lemon balm.

The mission behind this invention is to allow growing food to become more accessible. Growing your own food is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the grocery store. Seedsheets empower consumers with more knowledge about the origins of their foods and allow them to grow their own without the need for excessive space or gardening expertise.