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Art can be inspired through many sources and, sometimes, it can be made to serve a larger purpose. Over the past several months, British artist, Sacha Jafri, has been hard at work creating the largest painting ever created on canvas. The painting is being completed inside of the ballroom of Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai, where Jafri has been located working on the project for over five months now. Upon completion, the painting will be roughly 21,000 square feet, which equates to roughly four NBA basketball courts.


In addition to contributions in his own abstract style, Jafri has partnered on the painting with children from around the world who he has asked to contribute their artworks. Since the painting centers around themes of isolation during this time, he asked children around the world to paint how they’re feeling right now. Jafri then printed out their drawings and incorporated them into the large painting.

After the painting is completed, the plan is to go on a tour to a few places such as the Burj Khalifa and hanging it vertically from Dubai’s frame-shaped skyscraper. Afterward, the painting will be cut into 60 separate pieces and sold individually to raise money for charity.

On his overall goal for this massive work of art, Jafri stated, “We are aiming to raise $30 million, which will go to help the poorest children of the world with education, connectivity, health, and sanitation…Each person that buys a panel will (not only) own a piece of the largest painting ever created in the world, but they’ll own a piece of history, because what we’re doing with that money is huge.”