Many American states and cities are offering free housing, money, and jobs to newcomers who relocate there. Here are our top nine picks for where you should go.

1. West Virginia

Get paid to relocate to west virginia
George Washington National Forest, West Virginia

Want to find that slice of “almost heaven”? Look no further than West Virginia! Through Ascend West Virginia, you can get up to $12,000 for a no-strings-attached relocation. Over the course of the first year, you’ll receive $10,000, and if you love your new home that much, you’ll receive an additional $2,000 for your second year. 

Also included in this deal is a free co-working space if you are working remotely, social programming with people in your new community, opportunities, a year’s worth of outdoor gear rentals, and an “outdoor focused welcome trip” worth over $2,500. This deal to relocate to the Mountain State is an amazing opportunity for outdoor lovers and adventurers.

2. Topeka, Kansas

Kansas State Capital Building in Topeka, Kansas
Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka

Love Kansas BBQ? Topeka, Kansas might be the city for you. Through the Choose Topeka program, new residents can receive up to $10,000 in the first year for renting, and up to $15,000 for purchasing a home within Shawnee County. After the first year, the program reimburses up to 50% match of the total qualified relocation incentive to the employer. 

3. Rochester, New York

relocate to Rochester, New York

If you’re a remote worker and looking for a change of scenery, Rochester could be the city for you! Participants of the Greater ROC Remote program are eligible for up to $19,000 in incentives just for moving to the Greater Rochester region. You simply need to be a full-time remote worker, currently live over 300 miles from downtown Rochester, and be eligible to work in the United States.

4. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the past few years, Tulsa has become a hot spot for relocation due to its affordability and job opportunities. And, thanks to the Tulsa Remote program, people with a full-time remote job or who are self-employed outside of the state can get $10,000 in cash in the first year of moving to the city. This deal also includes desk space at a local co-working company to work remotely. If the $10K isn’t enough, Relocate America picked Tulsa as the Most Affordable City in the U.S.

5. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore's inner harbor

If you are handy and love fixer-uppers, Baltimore could be perfect. The city’s Vacants to Value Program will give you $10,000 to relocate and revamp one of Baltimore’s abandoned homes, giving you the chance to create your new home exactly to your liking. 

Not a fan of rehabbing but still love the idea of enjoying crab cakes in the Charm City? The Buying Into Baltimore Program also offers first-time homebuyers $5,000 toward buying anywhere in the city. And, the Live Near Your Work Program, also for first-time homebuyers, provides a $2,000-$5,000 grant or conditional grant to be used toward down payment and closing assistance.

6. Alaska

get paid to move to Anchorage, Alaska

No special requirements here: Alaska pays all of its residents royalties from its oil and gas industry. This program, the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, was introduced in 1982 and doles out a good chunk of money to residents each year. You just have to be an Alaska resident for a calendar year before you apply. This year, the yearly check is expected to be over $1,000. And as a bonus, Alaska has no income or state-imposed sales taxes, saving you more money to relocate to the Frontier State!

7. Mattoon, Illinois

downtown of Mattoon, Illinois
Photo Credit: MakeMyMove

If small town living is what you’re searching for as a remote worker, check out Mattoon, Illinois. In an incentive package sponsored by community members and organizations, this Southern Illinois town is offering $5,000 in cash, $2,555 in gift cards to local businesses, and a $500 voucher for local restaurants for new residents who commit to moving within city limits as a remote worker for two years. The package also includes a free coworking space membership for a year, a free YMCA membership for six months, and more.