Back to the Future fans rejoice! The beloved DeLorean is coming back…and this time it will be electric.

Following a Super Bowl LVI teaser ad with the tagline “The future was never promised,” DeLorean Motor Company took to their social media to promote the car. They posted the teaser clip on their Twitter account with the phrase #ElectricVehicle, and their Facebook revealed that the DeLorean will “premiere” in 2022. No further information on the car has been released, but Delorean fanatics can sign up with their email on their site to be among the first to receive updates about the car. 

On Monday, February 14th, the day after the Super Bowl, DeLorean also announced that their headquarters will be located in San Antonio under its new CEO, Joost de Vries. de Vries was previously the vice president of sales at Karma Automotive, a developer and manufacturer of hybrid and electric vehicles. DeLorean is expected to add 450 jobs to San Antonio.

The original DeLorean DMC-12 was made famous in the Back to the Future trilogy from the 1980s as Doc Brown’s time machine. However, DeLorean never reaped the benefits of the movies—it closed down in 1982, three years before the first film premiered. Of the 9,000 Deloreans that the company produced before they went bankrupt, about 6,000 are still on the road. The company has continued to provide services for these cars. 

DeLorean is not alone in their Super Bowl announcement of electric vehicles. Companies like Kia, BMW, and GM also used the big game to throw their hat in the ring of the growing electric vehicle industry.

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