Episode 303: Additive Manufacturing

Correspondent Darieth Chisolm took a trip to Michigan to visit SLM (Selective Laser Melting) Solutions in this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today. We were able to learn about the different types of gadgets that can be made using additive manufacturing and how they are being implemented into various sectors. The invention of 3D printing has […]

First 3D Printed Housing Community in the U.S.

Tomorrow's World Today 3D Printed Housing Community 2

Developers from the Palari Group have been working in Southern California to create the first 3D printed, zero net energy housing community in the United States. After obtaining a five-acre parcel of land in Rancho Mirage (which is located near Palm Springs), the developers created a plan to build 15 fully sustainable 3D printed homes […]

Three Industries Utilizing Additive Manufacturing

Tomorrow's World Today 3D Printing Technology 4

What do you think of when you think of 3D printing? Does it evoke images of Makerspaces and creative collaborators building huddled together, brainstorming over tea and tools? Does it make you picture a utopian future where cars, houses, boats are all simply printed out as one working whole? Or does it make you think […]

3D Printing in the Nuclear Industry

Tomorrow's World Today 3D Printing Nuclear Industry

3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, has made its way into the nuclear sector only within the past few years. Because of the incredibly strict safety requirements within the nuclear industry, any parts used in the nuclear industry must be reliable, durable, resistant to high temperatures, and must pass more rigorous QA and regulatory inspections than […]

Inside The Reebok Liquid Factory

3D Printer

As Bill McInnis from Reebok Future puts it, “shoes are expensive because molds are expensive.” So, what would happen if you removed molds from the equation? Reebok’s Liquid Factory has created a new way to build shoes from the sole up. Using 3D drawing, sneakers are drawn with a special plastic developed specifically for this […]

The Prosthetic Evolution

Scientist building a prosthetic

The earliest use of a prosthetic was, believe it or not, a big toe that was made of wood and leather. Dating back to between 930-710 BC in Egypt, we can only assume that the importance of sandals in Egyptian culture led to the need for the new appendage.  Believe it or not, only recently […]

The Mathematics of Cake with Dinara Kasko

Cake by Dinara Kasko

Geometry can be a tricky thing. Ensuring the angles and shapes are exact is no easy task, especially with designs like trapezoids and spheres. But crafting them on paper is one thing- it’s another when you’re making these shapes out of cake. Dinara Kasko, a Ukrainian pastry chef, is famous for her intricately designed geometric […]

The World of 3D Printing

A woman working at a 3D printer.

One night in 1983, American engineer Chuck Hull had a breakthrough on his project. His goal was to use his company’s UV lamps to turn designs on a computer into prototypes quickly. Hull experimented with various plastics until he discovered one that would harden nearly instantly under UV light. At that moment, 3D printing was […]