With technology changing at such a rapid pace, people can’t imagine what could possibly come next. We now have tools that can talk to us, type for us, bring us objects at our command…how much further can it go?

robot of the future technology and innovation
Well, believe it or not we are nowhere near the peak of our technological capabilities. Interestingly, a look back at different periods of time reveals that people have always
looked upon new inventions with wonder and amazement, unable to imagine that what then seemed to be the limits of human creation could go any further. But time and time
again this proves to be wrong. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for tech.

Animal-human Organ Transplants

You might have heard about a pig-human heart transplant that was unsuccessfully attempted recently, but scientists are working hard to make this a reality for many needy patients. The medical term is “xenotransplantation,” and it can involve transplanting anything from individual cells to tissues to whole organs from an animal to a human. This kind of procedure is extremely complicated because the animal genes need to be altered before the transplant can take place. However, scientists are working on perfecting the technique, and it holds great promise for saving human lives.

Perfecting online recreation

People who have been introduced to online gambling might miss land based casinos for the in-person experience, but you’d be amazed at how much various forms of online gaming, betting, and other forms of recreation are being upgraded and brought to life these days. Gamers are developing ways to make game characters 3-D and super life-like, and with the help of VR and AR players will be able to completely immerse themselves in the playing experience. Other kinds of recreational activities will take the “Wii” idea further and allow people to really perfect their form while practicing certain kinds of exercises. And US online casinos are getting better, more sophisticated, and easier to use.

VR that Smells

Smell is probably the last sense that people would think to associate with VR, but this day will soon be upon us. Researchers are currently working on a technology that uses scented wax to release smells by means of a heating and melting process. There are different ways that this technology will manifest itself. You will either be able to apply some of the wax to your upper lip so that you can smell it easily, or put on a mask that will surround your nose. Researchers that are developing the technology hope to combine it with VR and things like 4D video so that viewers can utilize as many senses as possible at the same time.

Robots that can read your thoughts

This one sounds scary, and it kind of is. But it is also an incredible development, and one that scientists hope will come into existence in the not-too-distant future. The initial purpose of these robots would be medical: for people who cannot move parts of their bodies, machines would perform actions on behalf of the people they are attached to. The technology will involve patients’ using an EEG cap and sending brain signals through it. In the future, the technology may be used for other things, as well. But, hopefully none of them nefarious. Like all new technologies, those who use them will have to exercise caution with regard to the ethics involved.

3-D printed food

That’s right. You will soon be able to print your food. And a group of scientists has already done so in creating the world’s first 3-D printed cake, full of banana, peanut butter, fruit, and Nutella. Laughable though this might sound, the technology might prove to be very useful in the future for people who have specialized dietary requirements. What exactly the food will taste like, and how close it will be to Mom’s, are other questions. But, the technology is interesting nonetheless.

Air fuel

The world is constantly in search of new sources of fuel, and a group of engineers is currently working on a unique one: the idea of producing fuel out of thin air. Literally. These engineers are experimenting with the idea of capturing water droplets from the air by means of semiconducting instruments to produce hydrogen gas. The gas will later be converted to liquid for use as liquid fuel. This science is still in its infancy, of course, and a gallon of this particular fuel would probably cost you thousands of dollars at the moment. But who knows how widespread it could become? Time will tell.

It Will, Indeed

Did we succeed in surprising you? We hope so. As mentioned above, it will be a while before many of these things become mainstream. But, it is always amazing to see what is on the horizon, and just how far we can innovate. We can only go up from here.


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