The Alberta cities Calgary and Edmonton are at the forefront of 5G development in Canada with high hopes that investment in the fifth-generation mobile network will help to make the 2020s Alberta’s decade.

TELUS, the telecommunications company covering British Columbia and Alberta, is supporting businesses and citizens with its 5G network, which increases connection speeds and reliability. The biggest benefit of 5G is the advances in responsiveness which will aid areas such as remote surgery and autonomous cars. The fifth-generation mobile network also creates the opportunity to develop smart cities across Canada.

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How 5G is revolutionizing the entertainment industry

But 5G connectivity is not just powering innovations in health and transport, it is also boosting gaming in Alberta, both in private homes and the burgeoning esports industry. Esports is particularly popular in Alberta with the Alberta Esports Expo held at the Edmonton EXPO Centre earlier this year. With virtual reality viewed as the next big development in gaming, 5G will provide an increase in data capacity to meet the requirements of the technology.

Another sector taking advantage of the advancements in 5G mobile technology in the Energy Province is the iGaming industry. With the majority of online casinos featuring live dealer games such as XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and Power Blackjack and gameshows such as Monopoly Live, the fifth-generation mobile network means players can benefit from lower latency for greater responsiveness, resulting in a smooth streaming experience. This is of particular importance with an increasing number of players accessing online casinos via their smartphones. Learn more about online casinos in Alberta benefitting from 5G mobile technology.

Universal Connectivity

With Canada among the nations banning China’s Huawei Technologies from involvement in 5G networks, TELUS will be an essential element of the 5G rollout. Click here for more information about the Chinese multinational technology corporation’s exclusion. Alberta is also benefitting from an investment of $17 billion by TELUS, plus the generation of 8,500 new jobs in the province between 2022 and 2026. The rollout of 5G will provide remote communities in Alberta with speeds of 100 Mbps.

Doug Schweitzer, the former Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation of Alberta, said the jobs created can provide “the momentum we need to really make this Alberta’s decade,” while Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta, spoke of the advances in mobile technology driving economic growth and diversity in the province with the stated aim of universal connectivity. The 5G rollout will support the sectors of health, energy, agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing in Alberta.

Clearly, 5G will also boost business in the province. Investment in Alberta’s technology sector is undergoing a boom of late, with almost $500 million invested in the province in the first half of 2022. You can access detailed information about the companies in Alberta benefitting from investment here.

As Alberta’s technology sector booms, the province’s position at the forefront of 5G technology is likely to cement its reputation as a growth center for technology and power a number of essential industries in the province.

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