Ancient and manmade with elements of nature, Stonehenge has been the site of much inspiration and mystery throughout our history. The construction of this architectural marvel was perplexing as both how it was built and it’s purpose remain unknown. Several of the stones used in the creation of this phenomenon were from various distant locations. For example, the sarsen stones (25 tons each) are thought to be from Malbrough Downs which is about 20 miles North from Stonehenge. In addition, the bluestones (2-5 tons each) are thought to be from Preseli Hills which is over 150 miles away from the site. At the time Stonehenge was constructed, the architects would’ve only had access to very primitive tools, could they have really moved these stones themselves?

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The why of Stonehenge still remains a mystery as well. There have been many theories throughout our history, and each theory varies greatly. One theory states that the wizard Merlin directed the monument to be built from stones that had magical healing powers. Another theory suggests that the site was an astronomical computer used to predict eclipses. One idea speculates that it was the site of a Druid Temple, though scholars now believe it predated the Druids. There are even stranger theories that suggest that the monument was a landing site for ancient space aliens.

Regardless of its origins, the natural beauty of Stonehenge makes it a draw for people from all around the world. One of the best times of year to see this gorgeous monument is during the summer solstice. Typically a festival will occur on this day each year, where people will gather all around to cheer on the sunrise and watch as the beautiful morning light floods through into the center of the rock circle. The festival typically involves onlookers clad in flower crowns and flowing robes to pay tribute to the Druid people that some believe built the site.

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Sadly, due to the current state of the world, the English Heritage organization has announced that they’ll be canceling the summer solstice festival. But luckily they’re still finding a way to allow us all to enjoy the natural beauty and spirituality of the site via a live stream. Starting the night of Saturday, June 20th, you’ll be able to tune in and check out the sunset and stunning night sky that follows. Then, on the morning of June 21st, you’ll be able to see that gorgeous sunrise we covered earlier. It’ll be streamed worldwide so anyone from Australia to the U.S. can tune into this wonder of the world.