Second-grade science taught us that plants need sunlight to survive; without it, they are unable to grow and perform photosynthesis. But that’s not entirely true. With enough bright indirect light or even artificial light, some plants are able to thrive without ever seeing the sun. If you’re living in a low-light environment, try these plants to bring some life into your space.

With over 50 varieties of this plant, it should be easy to find one that fits in your home. The dracaena is unique in that it is negatively affected by direct sunlight. The trade-off of this is that it requires regular watering and the occasional pruning.

Already an incredibly easy-to-grow houseplant, the snake plant is well-suited for darker environments. Some sunlight is welcome, but the hearty and low-effort nature of the snake plant (also called the mother-in-law’s tongue) makes it great for beginners.

Also called “Devil’s Ivy,” the Money Plant is already a popular houseplant across Asia. The vines grow without direct sunlight and are natural climbers. Do be aware that it will eventually overtake a wall of whatever room you put it in if given the chance. The Money Plant comes with the added benefit of being an excellent carbon monoxide scrubber.

While this plant is very sensitive to cold environments, it’s also durable and easy to care for. The leaves are striking with silver highlights, earning it the nickname of “silver queen.” Low light is more than enough to keep it alive.

Forgetful? If you skip a water or two, the peace lily won’t mind. This forgiving houseplant is fine in the shade, but the occasional sunlight won’t hurt it, either. They can grow to be absolutely massive and feature beautiful white flowers in the classic lily shape.

While it looks similar to bamboo, don’t be fooled: this plant is actually a palm. You don’t have to grow it indoors, either; a boggy part of your outdoor garden works just as well. Do note that it requires a constantly moist substrate, which can be achieved by placing the pot over a tray full of water.

The most colorful option on this list with hints of orange and red, bromeliads do well in a container in some shade. This tropical plant is well-known for growing in almost any condition, with or without sunlight. It can even grow under a luminescent light.

The name might be intimidating, but don’t be fooled. This is a surprisingly small and delicate plant that grows slowly. The two-colored leaves are especially noteworthy. Not much sunlight is required, but take care to not overwater any variety of creeper.

In general, ferns favor darker conditions, and the sword fern is no exception. It has the added advantage of being evergreen. However, the soil needs to be acidic, moist, and well-drained. Humidity is also a major factor, so regular misting is necessary. It is, for this reason, not recommended for novices.

Another air purifier, the spider plant needs to avoid direct sunlight at all costs. The cream-striped leaves are prone to burning when exposed. Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to care for, and can be kept in a sizeable selection of containers.

The nickname for aspidistra elatior comes from its extreme durability. Not only can it survive in a windowless room, but it also stands up to dampness and dust. Despite these traits, it’s not advised to keep one in the basement.

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