Developers from the Palari Group have been working in Southern California to create the first 3D printed, zero net energy housing community in the United States. After obtaining a five-acre parcel of land in Rancho Mirage (which is located near Palm Springs), the developers created a plan to build 15 fully sustainable 3D printed homes on the land.

The homes will be 1,450 square feet, single-story, and made from a stone composite material that is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and termite-proof. The construction process will involve working with their partner Mighty Buildings. They will print modular panels at the Mighty Buildings facility in Oakland, then transfer the parts to Rancho Mirage and assemble them onsite. Utilizing this 3D printing model, they’re able to reduce the time horizon for a project by almost 50%.

Palari Group Founder and CEO, Basil Starr, spoke to CNN about why the company has turned to more sustainable building options, “In wood-frame construction, there’s a significant waste that is generated for the home that’s being built, it’s about two tons of waste that goes into landfills… And with 3D printing, it’s a revolutionary way of building that completely eliminates that unnecessary waste.”

Tomorrow's World Today 3D Printed Housing Community 1
Photo Credit: Mighty Buildings

These houses will be completely green (and we’re not talking about the paint job). Any interior supplies that can’t be 3D printed (such as bathroom supplies, cabinets, etc.) will be sustainably sourced. Additionally, all of the energy needs for the community will be provided using solar power and homeowners will have the option of installing amenities like outdoor showers, cabanas, fire pits, and the Tesla Powerwall.

The homes will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a deck and a swimming pool. The starting price on the homes will be $595,000, with an average home value in Rancho Mirage being $825,738. Owners will have the additional option to add a smaller, two-bedroom, and one bath secondary residence on the property for an additional $255,000.