Airships were considered the fastest way to travel until 1937.  When the LZ129 Hindenburg caught fire, however, the public no longer considered them a safe, viable way to travel. Even today we still remain prejudiced against them, despite any new airship safety features that may be introduced.  Avalon Airships, however, is hoping to change our minds. An imaginative new concept photo series from the company is taking innovation to new heights with plan details for Aether Airships, which will sport the latest in technology and design.

Tomorrow's World Today Aether Airship 2

Luxury Airship Features

Some of the features of the design include a low cruising altitude and floor to ceiling windows, making this Sky Cruise perfect to get an optimal view of the scenery. The airship design also includes the latest in sound insulation and electric propulsion fans which create a smooth, high-speed flight. They plan to use eight large electric fans to both lift the aircraft and give it a high maneuvering capability. Avalon Airships also plans to use Ballast technology, which allows one to add weight to the vehicle by compressing outside air, in order to further increase safety.

As far as comfort features, the aircraft will boast large double rooms so that passengers can enjoy privacy and a good night’s sleep during the flight. The airship will also have a large bar-restaurant to keep passengers full. And, because our tastes can change while we’re in the air, the pressurized air in this aircraft will ensure an optimal tasting experience.

Tomorrow's World Today Aether Airship 3

This design is purely imaginative as of now and it will require many tests and prototypes before it would ever come to the market. And as the development process continues, the design will likely change quite as well. With this design release, however, public opinion on the shift toward airships is sure to soar.