The ultimate goal during the holiday season is to find gifts that each person on your list will love and cherish. Perhaps you have a friend on your list who loves watching sports so you search for a fun sports subscription service or tickets to see one of their favorite teams play. And then you have the friend who loves to read so you’ll find them some new reads or a subscription to audible. But what about your artistic friends or your nature-loving friends? Or how about your tech-savvy or the friend who loves to learn how things are made? These friends and family members can be trickier to buy for since their interests are more specific. But, don’t worry, our 2020 Gift Guide has got you covered like a fresh blanket of snow.


2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today
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3D Printing Pen

Give the artist in your life a new medium to challenge them with a 3D printing pen. These pens are like portable 3D printers and can print in a variety of colors straight from the pen to the world. This pen made our 2020 Gift Guide not only because it could inspire the artist in your life to create a series of hand-printed 3D sculptures, but it could also become a fun and relaxing hobby they can play around with when they’re stuck on another project.

2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today Sketching Wallet
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Sketching Wallet

Any artist knows that taking the show on the road can be a struggle. You’re packing your various paints, brushes, pens, pencils, canvas…. Traveling with your artwork can often feel more like a suitcase than a backpack endeavor. Gift your artistic friend this travel sketch set. Not only will this small notebook and pencil set be much more compact, but it will encourage them to sit in the park, people watch, and find some new sources of inspiration.


2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today Plant Mister
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Plant Mister

A vintage-style plant mister is a great gift for any blooming botanist on your holiday shopping list this year. Not only do these misters look good as a decorative piece in your home, but misting indoor plants allows the water to slowly permeate the soil, creating a more even watering experience for your plants.

LED Grow Lights

2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today Lights
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Any plant-lover who lives in a fluctuating climate knows that the winter months can be rough and we remembered that with our 2020 Gift Guide. You’re trying desperately to simultaneously make your home well-insulated while also trying to make sure they get enough sunlight, sometimes needing to move them around the house based on where the sunlight is throughout the day… it becomes less of a relaxing experience. Gift the plant-lover in your life some LED Grow Lights to help their plants make it through the winter blues.


2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today Oculus Quest 2
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Oculus Quest 2

No 2020 gift guide is complete without a little VR. If you have a tech-savvy friend who hasn’t quite made the leap to VR yet, this is the perfect gift for them. The Occulus Quest 2 not only has high-quality VR and an extensive gaming library, but the set comes with everything your friend will need to start their VR journey. They’ll even be able to take virtual tours and enjoy virtual events such as concerts and films.

Smart Art Frame
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Smart Art Frame

Combine the love of innovation and art by gifting your friend a Meural Canvas II Smart Art Frame. This frame takes digital art to the next level by giving it the high quality and feel of hanging up a real painting. Not only are you able to appreciate digital artwork in a whole new way, but utilizing a digital frame gives one the freedom to change up the display more frequently without the normal hassle of finding a new piece, replacing it in the frame, and rehanging. One day your friend could display a classic painting and the next they could cycle through some of their own photography.


2020 Gift Guide Tomorrow's World Today Robotic Arm
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Elenco Robotic Arm

If you think you might have a future manufacturer on your list this year, gift them a wire-controlled robotic arm. It’s designed for young engineers ages 12+ and they will be able to both build and control the robotic arm that mimics one you may find on an assembly line. Not only does this give them the STEM practice involved in the construction of the arm, but it gives them a picture of what machines look like in a manufacturing plant.

How Things Are Made
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How Things Are Made by Sharon Rose and Andrew Terranova

For the friend on your list who is obsessed with manufacturing and learning how certain items are made, gift them with even more knowledge on the subject. From bulletproof vests to running shoes to lipsticks, this book takes you through both the conception and manifestation of common household items by detailing their invention and manufacturing processes in interesting anecdotes.