Artificial intelligence and robot concepts were two of the biggest trends at CES. Here are some top tech products unveiled that you can use in your home.

1. Pillow That Reduces Snoring

Motion Pillow uses AI to reduce snoring; Photo: Motion Pillow

The Motion Pillow is a recipient of a 2024 CES Innovation Award. Using AI, the pillow can detect how much you are snoring and adjust its airbags to help slow the snoring down. It uses 7 airbags to adjust your head and back to clear up airways, providing a more comfortable breathing environment. Motion Pillow uses AI to learn and respond to a user’s snoring sounds. Through the pillow’s app, you can control settings, and the airbag operation times and record snoring sounds.

2. Smart Mirror For Mental Wellness

Baracoda’s Bmind Smart Mirror; Photo: Baracoda

Baracoda’s Bmind Smart Mirror helps start your day on a good note. The smart mirror uses AI to boost your confidence and mood as you get ready for the day. Baracoda claims the Bmind Smart Mirror is the first of its kind. The company says it is capable of identifying a user’s mood and provides words of affirmation to help manage your mood. For example, if you tell the mirror you are having a bad day it will give you words of encouragement.

3. Robot Personal Home Assistant

Samsung’s Ballie is a robot home assistant; Photo: Samsung

Samsung is making some big splashes at CES 2024. One of the big releases from the electronics company is Ballie. The robot is described as a personal home assistant that “can do everything.” The concept is about four years old and showcases new capabilities at CES 2024. Ballie connects to home appliances to provide a helping hand in different situations. It is capable of learning a user’s patterns for more personalized services. The robot assistant can send pictures or videos of your pet while you are away. It can also set the mood while you are working, relaxing, or exercising.

4. Robot Pet Companion

Ogmen Robotics robot pet companion; Photo: Ogmen Robotics

Ogmen Robotics wants to ensure that your pet is never alone when you’re away. The ORo robot pet companion does just that. Samsung’s Ballie has capabilities of entertaining your pet but ORo is dedicated to the four-legged friend. ORo navigates your home and uses cameras to keep an eye on your pet. While keeping your dog safe, ORo also plays. It uses fetch and other playful games to create a bond and strengthen bonds. ORo takes your dog’s health seriously too. It recognizes a dog’s activity or eating habits to prioritize their health.

5. Robot Companion For Seniors

Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ robot companion gets new updates; Photo: Intuition Robotics

After receiving some upgrades since 2022, Intuition Robotics’ senior assistive robot ElliQ is back at CES to show off those upgrades. Using AI, the interactive robot is smarter. ElliQ is intended to be a companion for older adults aging independently. There are voice commands, on-screen instructions, and proactive suggestions. A user can have natural conversations with the robotic companion. It offers small talk and compassionate conversation. Users can also play games and listen to music with ElliQ. Most importantly, ElliQ helps keep in touch with family and friends. You can video call them or receive videos, photos, or messages.