The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the home of all new tech but it also provides concepts that give us an idea of what the future looks like. For Jackery, a solar generator company, the future is bright for how we use solar panels. Whether it be in our homes or on the road.

Mars Bot

Jackery Mars Bot; Photo: Jackery

Jackery’s Solar Generator Mars Bot is an award-winning concept, taking home the 2023 TIME Best Inventions of 2023. Its debut at CES 2024 is showing the world what solar energy looks like in the future. The Mars Bot looks like something that is found on Mars because it is inspired by the Mars rover Opportunity. This concept is introducing a new era of solar generators.

Jackery’s Solar Generator Mars Bot for outdoor enthusiasts; Photo: Jackery

Jackery’s Solar Generator Mars Bot caters to outdoor needs with its adventurous spirit. The Mars Bot is equipped with a light tracking system. Its Automatic Sunflower Solar Tracker system allows the solar generator on wheels to navigate toward areas with strong light. This allows it to generate power from light when sun conditions are poor.

Because of its waterproof and dustproof construction, the Mars Bot is suitable for extreme conditions. It is ready for any situation. For example, the mobile solar generator can be used for emergency rescues, parties, camping shows, or daily RV life.

Solar Generator Rooftop Tent

Jackery Solar Generator Rooftop Tent; Photo: Jackery

In addition to the Mars Bot, Jackery is debuting its solar generator for rooftop tents. Like the Mars Bot, this rooftop tent is for those who go to the unknown. The rooftop tent is an outdoor, overlanding home that offers extended running time for appliances when on your next adventure. It provides extra power from sunlight for things like coffee makers, a cellphone, or a projector.

Solar Generator for rooftop tents with retractable solar panels; Photo: Jackery

The Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent is also called the Explorer System. Its debut shows how it combines a tent mounted to your car with retractable solar panels. According to the company, the Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent can withstand extreme temperatures. The concept is on display at CES but Jackery estimates the concept is going into production sometime this year.