Artificial Intelligence is easily the number one most talked about topic at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. Several new concepts and designs revealed are in the kitchen. Food tech and AI are coming together for a futuristic cooking experience.

AI-powered kitchen appliances and gadgets are helping humans out in the kitchen. Whether that’s making the perfect cup of coffee, cooking a meal for the most inexperienced chef, or mixing a high-class cocktail.

Chef AI Air Fryer

Tech startup, Chef AI, is putting AI in the air fryer. The startup calls it a “real one-touch” air fryer. Unlike the cooking appliances you might have in your kitchen now, you don’t need to change settings or temperatures. All you have to do is place your food in the air fryer and press start. It uses artificial intelligence to detect what food you are cooking. Chef AI’s CEO Dean Khormaei says it can turn the worst cooks into chefs. Starting in September of this year, people can buy the Chef AI air fryer for $250.

Bartesian’s Cocktail Machine

The Bartesian Premiere intelligent cocktail maker; Photo: AP

The Bartesian Premiere intelligent cocktail maker is like a Keurig machine for your spirits. Bartesian sampled it at CES 2024 and it shows how simple the perfect cocktail can be made with the touch of a button. Like popular one-cup coffee machines, the Premiere takes pods and can hold up to four different kinds of spirits. With the drop of a cocktail capsule into the machine you can have the perfect cocktail over ice in seconds. The Premiere is $369 and will be available later this year.

Robo Baristas

Seattle-based startup, Artly’s Coffee, is showing off its barista bot. The robot barista mimics human movements to make a cup of coffee exactly how you like it. One of the developers Alec Roig says “What we’re really trying to do is preserve the craft of fine coffee.” To do this, the tech startup hooked up their resident barista with motion sensors to record his movements as he created each recipe.

Richtech Robotics’ robot barista; Photo: Richtech Robotics via X

Richtech Robotics is brewing up coffee at CES 2024 with their robot barista, ADAM. While the robot barista makes coffee at CES, ADAM is all over the country as a chef, barista, and bartender. The robot is capable of making and serving drinks just like a human does behind the counter. According to the company’s website, ADAM works 24/7 with no breaks needed.