For those who love plants, there’s no better gift than one that complements their hobby. Check out our list of gifts that are perfect for the green-thumbed people in your life. 

1. Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Avocado Tree Growing Kit
Photo Credit: Amazon

Plant lovers will thrill at watching their avocado plants sprout roots and grow leaves in moonoom’s Avocado Tree Growing Kit. The kit’s glass vase and pot are designed to easily grow avocados: simply peel the avocado pit, place it in the planter vase, and watch it germinate and grow. The planter vase is made of glass so they can observe the seed growth every day.

2. Self-Watering Planter Pot

Self-Watering Planter Pot
Photo Credit: Amazon

Houseplants are much harder to kill in Phoenix Vine’s Self-Watering Terracotta Clay Pot. The outer glass vase allows excess water to be stored at the bottom so the plans thrive for at least 10 days without needing a refill. This means that there is no fear about under or over-watering the plant—the right amount of moisture will be delivered to the plant roots.

3. Click and Grow Smart Garden 

Click and Grow Smart Garden 
Photo Credit: Amazon

Plant parents will barely have to lift a finger with the Click and Grow Smart Garden, which grows herbs right on a kitchen’s countertop. With the smart indoor garden, all they’ll need to do is add some water, turn it on, and watch the magic happen. The patented Smart Soil provides the best conditions for plant growth, making the garden fully automated and completely silent.

4. LEGO Flower Bouquet

LEGO Flower Bouquet
Photo Credit: Amazon

As for the person in your life who may not have the skills it takes to keep plants alive, give them a plant that they don’t even need to water: a LEGO Flower Bouquet. This building set creates gorgeous flowers that are fun to put together and last forever. The kit features 15 stems with flower and leaf varieties like roses, poppies, daisies, and more. 

5. Paper Pot Maker

Paper Pot Maker
Photo Credit: Amazon

If the plant lover in your life enjoys coaxing seedlings from seeds, check out the innovative Paper Pot Maker. With just a strip of newspaper, they’ll be able to create a germination-friendly 1.75-inch paper seed pot. Once the sprouts are ready to transplant, they can protect the root systems by sticking the entire pot in a planter, where it will eventually disintegrate.

6. Brass Plant Mister

Brass Plant Mister
Photo Credit: Amazon

For plants that only need a tiny bit of water (like hanging air plants, orchids, and some succulents), a mister such as the Sustainable Village’s Brass Plant Mister is perfect. It prevents one from drowning beloved plants, and its brass-plated finish and elegant shape look beautiful in a home. 

7. Garden Knee Pads

Garden Knee Pads
Photo Credit: Amazon

To save the knees of the gardener in your life, get Jokari’s Garden Knee Pads. Combining the portability and soft pads of a foam mat and the stability of a garden seat or bench, the knee pads can conveniently be slid onto a rake, hoe, or shovel in the garden. This makes them impossible to lose and easy to carry around the garden.

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