From a cat DNA test to an AI-powered bird feeder, our gift ideas for pet owners are perfect for the animal lovers on your holiday list.

1. Cat DNA Test

Basepaws’ Cat DNA Test Kit
Photo Credit: Amazon

Basepaws’ Cat DNA Test Kit is one of the best presents you can buy for a cat parent this holiday season. As seen on Shark Tank, this comprehensive DNA test provides information about a cat’s breed composition, traits, and health. Simply swab a cat’s cheek and send the sample to the laboratory. The test also gives a free dental health report and screens for 64 common health markers.

2. Smart Feeder

WoPet’s Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Feeder
Photo Credit: Amazon

Don’t forget about the gifts that make a furry friend’s life better too! WoPet’s Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Feeder enables pet owners to schedule up to six feedings per day, which can be controlled from anywhere via a phone. Even better, it has two-way audio and video so owners can watch and talk to their pets if they are not home or in the room. You can even record a voice message to play as each feeding dispenses.

3. Bird Feeder Camera

Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam
Photo Credit: Amazon

For a gift receiver who may not have a pet yet or for someone who would love a new animal to love, give the gift of a  Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam. This weatherproof bird feeder has a built-in 1080p camera so they can watch activity live or see recorded footage via their smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The camera uses artificial intelligence to immediately identify over 6,000 bird species, which will make them bird experts in no time.

3. Dog Piñata

Woof party dog piñata
Photo Credit: Amazon

If your friend or family member is obsessed with their dog, Jokari’s Woof Party piñata is the most unique and fun gift you can buy. The bone-shaped piñata can be packed with a dog’s favorite treats, and the box’s perforated edges make it easy for the dog to tear it apart. The piñata is the best way to include a dog in whatever holiday festivities are planned this year.

5. Customizable Shirt

Customizable pet shirt
Photo Credit: Amazon

Do you have a friend who is constantly sending you photos of their pet? Save them the hassle of pulling out their phone by ordering them a custom-made shirt with their pet on it! This Customizable Shirt from Amazon allows you to pick the name and up to six images that will appear on the shirt, making it a super unique gift for any pet owner.

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