With the holidays rapidly approaching, you have lots of very different friends to shop for. Some of your friends all but need to be surgically removed from their couches, spending most of their time curled up with a soft blanket, a cup of tea, and a true-crime movie that they claim won’t give them nightmares. On the other hand, however, you have some friends who casually go on three-mile hikes in the woods and send you articles about Forest Bathing that you didn’t ask for. These are the friends that only seem to exist where plants exist, whether that means you’re always joining them for hikes or going to their house and seeing their latest adopted plant (and hearing its name, of course). Well, when it comes to buying gifts for your nature-loving friends, we’ve got you covered.

1. Portable Campfire

Portable Campfire Radiate Gift
Photo Credit: Radiate

If your outdoorsy friend loves taking spontaneous weekend getaways with nothing but their tent, a fire, and the open night sky, they would love this Portable Campfire from Radiate. Although it won’t burn as big and bright as a normal campfire, it can produce a substantial fire and lights in seconds with the same ease it takes to light a candle. It’s small, easily portable, and the cleanup simply involves smothering the flame with the lid. It’s also reusable and it’s made with recycled soy wax and paper briquettes, perfect for the nature lover who prefers eco-friendly gifts.

2. Butterfly Puddler

Nature Gift Butterfly Puddler Uncommon Goods
Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

Your friend may also be the type who loves all of nature’s little critters. If so, they’ll love the Butterfly Puddler from Uncommon Goods. The shallow well of reflective glass in the center holds sand or rock salt along with a teaspoon of water. When the water evaporates, the butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind. Additionally, once butterflies know where to find these minerals, they will likely return regularly. Gift this to the nature enthusiast in your life and allow their backyard garden to be transformed into an enchanting oasis full of butterflies.

3. Mountainscape Bird Feeder

Uncommon Goods Mountainscape Birdfeeder
Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

Remind your friend of their solo trip hiking to the peak of a mountain while also bringing some fluttering friends into their life with this Mountainscape Bird Feeder by Uncommon Goods. Not only will the artistic design remind your friend of days spent on mountaintops, but it’s made of wood so it has an additional natural touch. If your friend or family member enjoys DIY projects as well, this is really a home run as the wooden pieces come unassembled with directions for assembly using super glue or wood glue.

4. Glass Propagation Station

Glass Propagation Station Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon

A large part of the Danish practice of hygge involves surrounding yourself with nature, and that includes when you’re indoors. This could come in the form of natural decor such as a wooden bookshelf, a stone fireplace, etc. But, if your family member has a green thumb, you can gift them this Glass Propogation Station from Amazon. Not only is it compact and aesthetically pleasing, but the wooden accents on the design add another natural element to the home. And you could add to the hygge element by including a pair of fuzzy slippers or a cozy blanket as additional gifts. Trust us, we don’t think they’ll complain.

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