This Halloween season in York, England, some spectral sculptures have been spotted around the town. These visually transparent sculptures are part of a project called Ghosts In the Garden by York BID (Business Improvement District) that involves creating a series of sculptures of historical figures out of wire mesh.

By building this sculpture series out of wire mesh and embuing them with lifelike detail, the statues possess a ghostly appearance from a distance as they appear translucent. There are roughly 25 statues including a highwayman and his horse, a medieval knight, a headmaster and his student, an angler fishing from the River Foss, and more. Whereas last year the sculptures were mainly confined to the Museum Gardens, this year they’re scattered across the city, including at The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, Treasurer’s House, Middletons Hotel, Barley Hall, The Artists Garden, and St. Anthony’s Garden.

BID partnered with York design agency Unconventional Design and worked with local artists to create the exhibit. Claire Palmer of Unconventional Design said “Ghosts in the Gardens has really evolved into not just an eerie installation but a great look into York’s fascinating past and a reminder of all that went before. It’s great to be a part of something so creative in the city center.”

Originally premiering in 2021, the exhibit has increased in size from its original 10 sculptures. Carl Alsop, operations manager of York BID, said: “A couple of the ghosts were small or tucked away, and people really enjoyed the challenge of finding them all. This year we really wanted to expand the project to more locations so more people can enjoy them.”

Rebecca Allott, visitor experience officer for the National Trust said “It’s well documented how haunted Treasurer’s House might be, and we still get regular reports of sightings around the house… We’re looking forward to welcoming two temporary additions to the garden as part of York’s newest garden trail for the spooky season.”

Ghost Sculptures York England Knight
Photo: YorkMix

The Ghosts In The Garden exhibition is free running through November 7th, 2022. Additionally, as part of Ghost Week (23rd-30th October), a special 26th ghost will be added to a secluded location around town to join the others in collaboration with The York Ghost Merchants.

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