Have you ever noticed an unknown plant in your garden and wondered if it was an invasive weed? Gone hiking and spotted a unique flower and wondered about its species? Or have you ever wished you could more accurately track and predict your garden’s growth process? Well, now there’s an app for that. Here are a few of the best apps for everything from plant identification to personalized growing tips.

Leaf Snap Plant App Gardeners Identification

Leaf Snap

Leafsnap is the ultimate plant identification app. All you have to do is snap a picture of whatever wildflower, shrub, fruit, or tree you can’t identify and submit it to the app. The app uses the plant’s leaf to identify its species and it’s able to recognize 90% of all known plants and trees worldwide. Leaf Snap includes free unlimited snaps and access to a vast database that continuously learns and adds new information regarding plant species. The app also allows you to track all of the plants in your collection, sends you reminders for plant care, and allows you to keep a plant diary that tracks your plant’s growth with photos. The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices, with some additional in-app features available for purchase.

Garden Tags

Garden Tags is essentially a social media platform for gardeners. It includes a large community of gardeners who use the platform to offer each other care advice, identification help, and pro tips. Similar to Leaf Snap, the app allows users to keep a photographic journal of their garden and receive reminders about plant care and advice for planting placement. Additionally, the app allows you to find fellow gardeners for inspiration, follow their planting progress, ask questions, and join discussions directly with experts. There is also an encyclopedia feature that allows you to search and see what plants are popular, helping gardeners decide how to use any extra space in their yard. Premium users are even able to update their task schedule according to the climate and change of season.

Moon & Garden

This plant tracking app utilizes a biodynamic method and relies on tracking the phases of the moon to correspond with plant care tips. Moon & Garden customizes its advice based on lunar phases and the type of fruit, flower, or leaf plant. Based on these two factors, the app gives gardeners advice for successful repotting, sowing, harvesting, and transplanting. In addition to the moon phase, the app also factors in the upcoming weather forecasts to determine optimal gardening practices. In addition to this unique gardening approach, Moon & Garden also allows you to schedule gardening tasks, set reminders for yourself, and share pictures of your plants using the Community feature.

My Soil

My Soil comes from the British Geological Survey and focuses on soil tracking to help promote successful plant growth. The app tracks the soil in your local area in terms of soil type, pH level, depth, temperature, and organic matter content. This will not only allow gardeners to more accurately plant in terms of location, but it also includes a fertilizer calculator to help determine the level of fertilizer needed to keep your plants happy. Get MySoil HERE.

Seed to Spoon

The Seed to Spoon app specifically focuses on making growing food in your garden easy and accessible for everyone. It includes a complete growing guide and personalized planting dates based on your GPS location, factoring in your location’s climate. The database includes detailed information and tips for growing more than 100 vegetables, herbs, and fruits. It also provides space to log plants, events, photos, and notes and lists your plants in the order of each one’s specific health benefits. The app creators also have an active Youtube channel that they continuously update with planting tips and step-by-step instructions.