In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, it has dawned on George and Tamara that solar energy may be a good option to fuel The Park of the Future. To further research the practicalities of this power source, Tamara visited a few houses and a school that have switched to solar powered energy. However, you may also be surprised to learn that there are some world famous buildings that have also taken to utilizing solar power.

One of the best examples is a structure surrounded by the Seine, world-famous museums, and more baguettes and cheese than you could eat in a lifetime. That’s right…it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Arguably one of the most well-known monuments worldwide, this architectural marvel began a green makeover in 2013 to help make it more environmentally friendly. The tower is now fitted with solar panels as well as wind turbines and rainwater collection equipment. The solar energy alone can be used to heat half of the hot water used in the building.

TWT Show Stories Solar Power 1

What other famous building has taken to using solar energy? We’ll give you a hint you’re bound to get: It’s all white. That’s right, America’s very own White House has been outfitted with solar panels in recent years. President Obama announced his decision to outfit the White House with solar panels in 2010 and the plans were carried out by 2014. However, you may be surprised to find out that he was actually the third president to use solar energy for the White House: the first was Jimmy Carter and second was George W. Bush. Jimmy Carter’s installation of the panels happened all the way back in 1979!

TWT Show Stories Solar Power 2

As North Putnam Middle School proved in this episode, solar energy can be used on a large scale. We’ve seen it power a football field, but how about a whole stadium? Well, that’s just what you’ll find at the National Stadium in Taiwan. This dragon-shaped stadium was designed by famous architect Toyo Ito and is covered in roughly 8,800 solar panels. According to Pure Point Energy, these panels produce 1.14KWh of electricity annually which saves 660 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

TWT Show Stories Solar Power 3

This episode of Tomorrow’s World Today highlighted how solar energy is not only a viable source of power, but also extremely cost-effective in the long run. We’ve definitely learned to see solar energy in a different light, but will they be bringing it to the Park of the Future?