We may be sappy, but (as illustrated by Tamara and George in this episode) we’re suckers for acorny tree pun. In this TWT episode, Tamara took a trip to the West Fraser facilities to learn about the in’s and out’s of the modern lumber industry. She learned that it’s much more sustainable and technologically advanced than most people realize. West Fraser plants two trees for every one they cut down and most of the work in terms of quality control and cutting the wood is now done robotically, so employees in the industry are trained to run this equipment. Since this episode focuses on sustainable foresting practices, let’s take a look at other companies who are planting trees for their businesses.

TWT Season 2 Reforestation 1

Woodchuck USA

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Well, luckily this sustainable brand isn’t chucking any. Woodchuck creates wooden versions of common products such as planners, phone cases, candles, and keyrings. Similar to West Fraser, though they’re cutting down trees for their product, they’re also committed to reforestation. They implemented a ‘buy one, plant one’ project where they partnered with American Forests to plant a tree for every product they sell. In 2017, the company celebrated the planting of their one-millionth tree and they’ve made it a goal to plan ten million by 2021.

TWT Season 2 Reforestation 4


This is the first company to create wrist watches from wood and their materials are sourced from remnant hardwoods around the world. So not only does the piece itself use mostly scrap wood, thereby making it more sustainable, but they also partnered with American Forests and pledged to plant one tree for every WeWood product sold. According to Eluxe Magazine, their goal is to plant a total of one million trees by the year 2020. Who wouldn’t feel good supporting such an artistic and green company? We know we wood!

TWT Season 2 Reforestation 2


A clothing brand structured entirely around sustainability and reforestation, they create pieces that are minimalist and timeless with elements of wildlife present. Not only are they very transparent about their manufacturers and sourced materials, but (as you may have guessed by the name) they’ve pledged to plant ten trees for every item of clothing purchased. They’ve already planted over twenty-five million trees and their goal is to plant one billion by 2030.

TWT Season 2 Reforestation 5
Photo Credit: Wave Tribe

Wave Tribe

This surfboard and surf accessories brand also partakes in the ongoing reforestation efforts. They partnered with Trees for Future and pledge to plant one tree in the Brazilian rainforest for every product purchased, they call the movement Buy One, Get One Tree. In addition to their reforestation benefits, this brand is also working to make the ocean a less plastic-ridden place by creating their surfboards out of hemp and recyclable materials.

Well, that’s our time- cedar you later, folks!