Season 3

Season 3


Renewable Energy

Premiered OCT 3, 2020

Powering our world requires innovative, truly renewable energy resources. New Field Reporter Darieth Chisolm heads to Southern California to investigate biogas and hydrogen batteries powerful enough to run a city bus.


Power of the PODS

Premiered OCT 10, 2020

Curious about sustainability, George heads to Cincinnati to explore the evolution of laundry detergent pods and the impact on water and energy usage.


Printing Aerospace Parts

Premiered OCT 17, 2020

George is curious about 3D printing and how additive manufacturing could change mass production. He sends Darieth to uncover the world of 3D printing aerospace parts that are no longer manufactured.


Sustainable Hotels

Premiered OCT 24, 2020

Hospitality is important in a world on-the-go, so George sends Jackie to Dubai and Oman to check in and check out the latest uses of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability in the hotel industry.


Sustainable Distilling

Premiered OCT 31, 2020

Following the Bourbon Trail from Grain to Glass, George sends Darieth to Kentucky to explore sustainability initiatives and how tradition is blending with science and innovation.


Power of Protein

Premiered NOV 7, 2020

Health-conscious, George sends Tamara to investigate the discovery and innovation of whey protein. Tamara recruits an “everyday athlete” to take a protein and exercise challenge – will he be proof of how whey boosts nutrition?


Internal Health of Tomorrow

Premiered NOV 14, 2020

Healthy living starts with the nutrition and ingredients we consume, so George sends Darieth to explore the evolution of organic ingredients in Vermont.


Keeping Shipping Alive During a Pandemic

Premiered NOV 28, 2020

Tracking and managing the shipping of everything from produce to PPE is no small feat. Darieth learns how one company utilizes GPS and yard management systems to keep distributors and manufacturers across the US supplied.


Manufacturing High Performance Lubricants

Premiered DEC 5, 2020

Manufacturing fascinates George, but keeping the machines that produce items running in good repair takes special Care. George sends Darieth to Dallas, TX to learn about high-tech manufacturing lubrication.


From The Ground Up

Premiered DEC 12, 2020

Darieth heads to farm country to explore the advances in renewable resources. Using growing resources to replace petroleum products, the possibilities are endless.


Climate Control Under Our Feet

Premiered DEC 12, 2020

Green buildings have worldwide attention, so George sends Tamara to investigate climate control using renewable resources.


The Gift of Life

Premiered DEC 19, 2020

Lifesaving medical technology takes Dareith to San Francisco to explore the world of transplant care. Transplant has evolved with DNA sequencing and Artificial intelligence to give patients the best care before and after transplantation.


Zero Emissions Apart from Water

Premiered DEC 19, 2020

Futuristic cars may emit water instead of fumes. Tamara heads to Los Angeles to investigate the science behind these hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles, and take one for a test drive.