Season 1

Season 1


Park of the Future

Premiered MAY 5, 2018

George Davison unveils the Park of the Future for the very first time; this state-of-the-art innovation and inspiration park consists of four worlds: World of Inspiration, World of Creation, World of Innovation, and World of Production.


The Energy of the Sun

Premiered MAY 5, 2018

Energy power to the Park of the Future is on George’s agenda; he wants to look at the greatest ways to power his park; solar energy has to be one of the sources in abundance that can help.


Home Grown Natural Gas

Premiered MAY 6, 2018

Natural gas is another energy source that George wants to explore for the Park of the Future; he also wants to understand how if you cool it to minus 260 degrees it becomes liquefied and can be safely transported all over the world.


Sustainable Cotton

Premiered MAY 6, 2018

The growing, harvesting and processing of cotton to make clothing is a labor-intensive operation, it also requires copious amounts of energy and water; George seeks to uncover sustainable lessons developed by a cotton clothing manufacturer.


Connectivity, Security, and Smart Buildings

Premiered MAY 12, 2018

Smart buildings are a way of the future, but they all need to have the utmost fastest connective technology; George wants to uncover how he can create a smart building and the technology required to connect them with fiber optic solutions.


Mars, Space Travel, and Veggies

Premiered MAY 12, 2018

George accompanies Tamara to NASA; they take a journey from the past to the future, starting at the 1962 Mercury Mission Control and finish by buying two tickets to Mars.


Taking Flight

Premiered MAY 13, 2018

George needs to get people to the Park of the Future in the easiest way possible, which is obviously air travel, but is it by plane or by drone? Tamara does some research into airline travel and how they organize and schedule everyone.


Managing Money for Tomorrow

Premiered MAY 13, 2018

George wants to know more about cyber currency; they start researching what cyber currency means, which leads Tamara to New York City; on her visit to NY she gets to meet the brains behind the millions of credit card transactions.


Park of the Future, Dark Rides, Treehouses and Animatronics

Premiered MAY 19, 2018

George takes on his challenge to find companies that can help him design the Park of the Future and the rides in the individual worlds; he also re-visits a group he worked with ten years prior.


Clothing DNA, Book Concepts to Creation

Premiered MAY 27, 2018

George meets up with Garry from Gildan who showed Tamara in an earlier episode how they sustainably manufacture clothing in Honduras. Garry meets with George to talk DNA in clothing.


Robots Alongside Augmented and Virtual Reality

Premiered MAY 27, 2018

George wants to know more about robots and sends Tamara out in the field to take a look first hand at a group of different types of robots; she interacts with one of them to see if she can compete head to head with a robot.