Quarantine Creations

Tomorrow's World Today Quarantine-Friendly Art

Art thrives when an artist feels uninhibited and free. They can be inspired by anything from a walk in the park or people-watching at their favorite indie coffee shop, but experiencing life out in the world can be a major source of inspiration. Given the lack of world exposure recently, it can be difficult imagining […]

La Machine: A New Take on Performance Art

Les Machines de L'ile by La Machine

A giant, flying greenhouse. A pair of oversized, mechanical spiders. A fairground, teaching children about pyrotechnics. These all sound like elements from a fantasy novel or future attractions at a theme park. Close, but no cigar- they’re all productions put on by La Machine. La Machine is a French production company specializing in spectacles that […]

Mobile Glassblowing: Keeping an Ancient Art Alive

glassblowing horse

With new art forms born each day, it’s easy to lose touch with our roots. Trends like latte art and virtual art are fun and innovative, but they can make us lose sight of valuable art forms that have been around for ages. Take glassblowing: the techniques from this art have been passed down from master […]