Hong Kong and the Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui, the Chinese practice of arranging a space to harmonize with nature, is a delicate art. It’s also one that seems to contradict modern sensibilities. Skyscrapers and apartment complexes can house multiple companies or families, each with their own unique style. However, some architects have found ways to incorporate feng shui into the very […]

Low-Light Plants (You Can Keep at Home)

Second-grade science taught us that plants need sunlight to survive; without it, they are unable to grow and perform photosynthesis. But that’s not entirely true. With enough bright indirect light or even artificial light, some plants are able to thrive without ever seeing the sun. If you’re living in a low-light environment, try these plants […]

Bringing the Jungalow Style Home

Farmhouse. Rustic. Modern. Colonial. All of these have been popular styles for interior design over the years, and still remain widely used and common today. But there’s a new style on the prowl, taking a big bite out of the competition and redefining the term “urban jungle.” A portmanteau of “jungle” and “bungalow,” the Jungalow […]

Bring Inspiration Home with Feng Shui

A concept image of Feng Shui.

There’s no denying the power that plants can have on inspiration, but sometimes plants are simply impractical or just not enough. For such cases, there is Feng Shui: the Chinese method of arranging a room in order to create harmony and peace. Everything from the color of the furniture to their orientation is considered to […]