The Art of Glassblowing with Brandon Price

Brandon Price and the art of glassblowing

What if you could step back in time? What if you could walk into a studio and suddenly you’re no longer in the twenty-first century, but instead you’ve found yourself transported thousands of years into the past. You see a substance that resembles molten lava being handled with skill and precision. You see colors and […]

The Art of Scientific Glassblowing

scientific glassblowing

In hundreds of workshops, deep in the bellies of Universities and Labs alike, a thousand-year-old art meets modern day science. So many of the instruments that scientists use for critical experiments are made of glass. From test tubes to beakers, these tools need to be molded to perfection. Otherwise, the integrity of an experiment is […]

Glass: From Sand to Sturdy

What’s the kind of sand you can see through? That sounds like an oxymoron- sand is gritty, dirty, and notorious for getting in whatever crevice it can. Beyond that, it’s hardly translucent. Visiting the beach during high winds is impossible because of the low visibility. So how can you see through sand? Simple. Just heat […]

Mobile Glassblowing: Keeping an Ancient Art Alive

glassblowing horse

With new art forms born each day, it’s easy to lose touch with our roots. Trends like latte art and virtual art are fun and innovative, but they can make us lose sight of valuable art forms that have been around for ages. Take glassblowing: the techniques from this art have been passed down from master […]