TWT S2 E6: Sustainable Dairy

TWT Season 2 Farming Tech 1

Here at TWT, we’re dairy excited about the latest robotics innovations- and they can be found in the most utterly unexpected places. In this episode, Tamara visits Sheridan Dairy where robots are being used to milk cows. The robotic technology available can be used not only to milk the cows in an organized manner, but […]

Angus, the Farming Robot

Angus the farming robot

Farming is a long-standing, proud tradition…and one that is vital to society. This should go without saying–farms provide us with food, and without them, we’d have to rely on foraging and hunting. It’s also an area that hasn’t evolved much. True, advances have made chores like harvesting and plowing easier, but they still require a […]

Grow a Vertical Garden at Home

Growing a vegetable garden at home can be difficult, especially if you’re short on space. A few herbs or a strawberry plant might be feasible, but full heads of lettuce and other produce? Impossible…Or is it? If you try these vertical farming methods at home, the freshest of greens will be on your table in […]

Get Gardening With Seed Tapes

Even though it may not feel like it, spring is officially here. It’s the season of life and renewal. And if you have a garden, it’s time to think about how you’ll be renewing it. As lovely and inspiring as a garden can be, buying and planting the flowers can be time-consuming and taxing. Fortunately, […]

Going Up! The World of Vertical Farming

When you think of a farm, you might picture vast fields of crops in the countryside. You imagine long stretches of land that could never thrive in an urban environment, much less be able to be grown on the move. That image may soon change. Vertical farming is exactly what it sounds like: food (usually […]

Hydroponics: Futuristic Farming, Today

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of fresh berries in the summer, or enjoying a nice, crisp salad using recently picked veggies. Apples pulled straight off of the tree always taste better than the ones from the grocery store. Fresh produce is a wonderful and delicious thing- but it’s also expensive to grow, transport, and […]