French Street Artist JR

Tomorrow's World Today Artist Spotlight JR 3

Photographer and French street artist JR has created a unique style that involves pasting giant photographs to the sides of buildings.

Artist Spotlight: Nairy Baghramian

artist Nairy Baghramian's sculpture

Things aren’t always what they appear to be and, when they aren’t, they can provide a visual challenge for the viewer. Take the Cano Cristales in Colombia, from a distance the water appears to contain a ‘liquid rainbow’ but, when you take a step closer, you can see that the rainbow comes from a rare […]

Anonymous Art: “Meet” HuskMitNav

There are some artists who keep their identities secret. This makes sense to a degree: graffiti artists would understandably want to be kept on the low, given their art is essentially vandalism. But while the Banksys of the world hide in the shadows, HuskMitNav is more than happy to be in the spotlight. Almost. HuskMitNav […]

Blending Styles with Sofia Bonati

For even the most experienced artist, mixing various art styles and mediums into one piece can be a tricky endeavor. Mashing hyper-realistic elements in an otherwise surrealist landscape could end a disjointed mess. However, when the mismatching styles work together, they can create something mesmerizing. Enter Sofia Bonati’s work as a prime example. Born in […]