A Spanish designer revealed his concept for a “wingless” jet with supersonic speeds that runs on hydrogen. Oscar Viñal’s futuristic aircraft, “Sky OV,” can travel at speeds up to over 1,100 mph. According to Viñal, this allows the jet to travel between London and New York in less than five hours, compared to the current right-hour journey it takes.

The Supersonic Jet

Sky OV
The Sky OV design concept; Photo: Oscar Viñal

According to the designer, the supersonic passenger jet has lavish amenities for its travelers, including bedrooms, suites, and bathrooms. The Sky OV has a delta design, which means the body and wings are one singular structure. This gives the futuristic jet more cabin space than a traditional jet.

According to Viñal, the wingless design reduces drag and increases fuel economy. Additionally, a mix of hydrogen and electric power brings zero-emission supersonic travel a reality. Instead of turbojets, a hybrid pulse detonation engine and a turbofan power the jet.

The interior and exterior of the hydrogen-powered jet are equipped with the latest sustainable features quantum solar dots on the outside. These solar dots can produce electricity from the Sun’s rays. In addition, the Sky OV design includes artificial intelligence ailerons to improve the jet’s performance. Ailerons are similar to flaps on a wing but are intended for lateral control.

Viñal said, “This entirely new aircraft shape looks similar to the ‘flying wing’ design used by military aircraft such as the iconic B-2 bomber, but the blended wing has more volume in the middle section.” He also adds that the design includes a wingspan slightly larger than a Boeing 747. He also said the aircraft would “weigh less, generate less noise and emissions, and cost less to operate than an equally advanced conventional transport aircraft.”

It has a potential range of 10,314 miles and a potential service ceiling of 43,000 feet.

Sky OV exterior
The exterior design on Sky OV; Photo: Oscar Viñal

High-Speed, Luxurious Flight

In addition to speeds unlike any other jet, the design also prioritizes a luxurious experience. This is seen in the jet’s bedrooms, suites, bathrooms, and even an in-flight chef.

In an interview with Luxury Launches, Viñal said, “In the living room, you’ll find a leather double-seat sofa complete with dining tables, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, noise-cancelling headsets, a comfortable double bed, a full-height shower, vanity unit, bathrobes, and an in-flight chef at your service.”

The supersonic jet of the future is just that—a design. Anyone interested in the groundbreaking jet will have to wait years for it to become reality.