You’re trapped in a building and surrounded by an unbearable heat. You feel like your entire body is on fire and you’re sweating so much that you soak through your clothes. You feel like you can barely breathe, and you want to run but there’s nowhere to which you can escape. As time goes on, it just burns hotter and hotter and your exhaustion has all but immobilized you. It may sound like you’re being trapped in a burning building, but this is actually how it feels to be in a house with no air conditioner in the dead of summer. You’ll forever be thankful for those boxes of cool air and the manufacturers that bring them to your home.

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When manufacturing an air conditioner, the first step is to form the metal and plastic parts needed for construction. The metal parts are sheet stamped to trim them to the required size. If the metal is steel, it’s typically galvanized which involves adding a layer of zinc to slow rust. Then the parts are powder coated to make them more durable.

Then the parts are ready for assembly, which involves two separate parts- the condenser and compressor. The condensers are the parts that perform heat transfer while the compressors are parts that compresses gas that transfers heat through the condensers. To build the device, the compressors are installed inside the condenser. This way, the device is able to cool the air being blown into the indoor area & transmits indoor heat outdoors. The devices are connected together using copper pipes and the electronic controls are connected utilizing an electric motor.

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After the parts themselves have been assembled, coolant gas is inserted into the compressor, pipes, and condensers. Then, a quality control check is performed where the device is checked for any coolant leaks and the electronics are tested as well. There are quite a few air conditioner models presently that operate using remote controls, but if the model uses knobs and sliders they are installed at this point as well. Finally, the product goes through the packaging line and is ready to ship out to your local home goods store!

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