NRGene Technologies’ FoodTech subsidiary Supree, is developing fruits and vegetables that dry themselves on the vine. They naturally self-dry when they grow while maintaining their nutritional value and flavor.

Self-dried tomato

Supree’s first product line is the semi-dried tomato. The company says the dried tomato stands out because of their delicious taste and their one-year frozen shelf life. Supree’s tomatoes’ uniqueness comes from the skin. Microcracks fill the skin’s structure which allows natural moisture evaporation. Its natural drying process allows the tomato to keep its “rich taste, vibrant color, vitamins, and antioxidants.” This results in a superfood. The tomato loses 80 percent of its weight when it’s ripe, resulting in an intense flavor and nutritional concentration.


Supree’s semi-dried tomato adds another level to cooking. According to the company, you can use the tomato for snacks, salads, and cooked dishes, baked goods, and even desserts. Because the tomatoes can be put in the freezer, the company ensures the texture remains the same when it’s thawed. Its versatility goes outside of being an addition to a meal. The tomato is also a natural ingredient. For example, tomato powder derived from the product enriches food products like meats, beverages, and snacks.

Chef Ran Shmueli is a chef in Tel Aviv and said, “Their taste, uniqueness, and innovation elevate and enrich our dishes and menus.”

Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

Because the tomato is immediately dried, packaged, and frozen it reduces the amount of tomatoes lost in the supply chain. Also, the prices of tomatoes go down because of mechanical harvesting. This lowers labor costs. Supree says the tomatoes have “optimal seasonal growth.” This eliminates any need for artificial heating or cooling elements. This elevates sustainability and cost efficiency.

Dried fruits and vegetables are not uncommon. When you add the self-drying element, it offers a unique spin on ingredients. It starts with tomatoes, but an expansion of various fruits and vegetables could be groundbreaking. Like many dried produce, you can do pretty much whatever you want and whatever you like with the semi-dried tomato from Supree. But, the real important factor is growing a wide variety of produce with the self-drying capabilities. If the company can cut costs and elevate sustainability, Supree’s fruits and vegetables could change the food tech industry forever.