Tomorrow’s World Today works every day to bring you the latest from the Worlds of Inspiration, Creation, Innovation, and Production. Thanks to the curiosity of the fantastic viewers, Tomorrow’s World Today hit a major milestone on YouTube
We hit one million views of the world’s most groundbreaking technology, innovations, and creations. To celebrate, here are 5 topics that caught our viewers’ eyes to help us reach over one million curious minds. 


5. How a Digital Twin Modeled Microsoft’s New Campus

Digital Twins use real-world data to create a virtual replica of any physical space or object. We visited Microsoft to learn how they are using a Digital Twin to facilitate designing their new 72-acre campus in Redmond, Washington. From the world of innovation and production, explore how digital twins monitor, simulate and adapt to physical changes to help us build new creations.

4. What’s So Riveting About Tape?, Tomorrow’s World Today, S5E4

In the World of Production, we examine how one type of tape is so strong it can bond to virtually anything. The question that is covered in this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today is “Can tape replace rivets?” Find out what Greg learns about cutting-edge technology.

3. How Back to the Future Predicted 18th-Century Technology

We all love the movie “Back to the Future” and the fascinating concepts and technology surrounding Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the time-traveling DeLorean. Delve into the fascinating historical origins of Marty McFly’s hoverboard and its connections to 18th-century inventions.

2. Feel The Sound, Tomorrow’s World Today, S6E6

George sends Tamara to the World of Innovation to learn how spatial audio not only immerses listeners in sound depth but also makes listening truly immersive. Discover the possibilities of immersive sound and how you can feel the noise.

1. Cooling Our World, Tomorrow’s World Today, S6E8

Greg goes to the World of Innovation to explore technologies revolutionizing cooling while minimizing environmental impact. Watch how a company utilizes different heating and cooling mechanisms to ensure comfortability and sustainability for users.